Jim Bakker, 58 years of Ministry and following the call of God

Jim Bakker at his home office in the Ozark Mountains

By Kami Klein

Jim Bakker, the early years of ministry

Jim Bakker, the early years of ministry

58 Years ago God called Jim Bakker into His service and Pastor has never forgotten the mission: to preach, to teach, to spread the message of God’s word to anyone who would hear him.  His life became a story of restoration that has inspired millions of people around the world! Through God’s visions and Pastor’s obedience, the new age of Christian Television was born!  Today this valuable communication brings the love of Jesus, the forgiveness, the restoration and the Power of our Lord to homes in this nation and around the globe. Through Pastor Jim’s faith, and the Glory of God’s mercy, a platform for today’s prophets exist unlike any other.  

Here at Morningside, a place of worship and fellowship is the home of “The Jim Bakker Show,” which is seen around the world. On this show, the most anointed visionaries and prophets have a platform to speak and teach.  From the blessings of God, this valuable ministry has grown.  

Lori's House at Morningside

Lori’s House at Morningside

On the 4th of July 2015, another of Jim and Lori Bakker’s prophesied visions from God opened at Morningside. “Lori’s House”, a beautiful home built in Peaceful Valley was created to help pregnant Mothers that were in desperate need.  This amazing place not only saves babies that might be aborted but changes the life of the entire family. God works through Lori’s House to shine a light on the blessings of life and this special ministry continues to grow. Through God’s hand and the generosity of believers and partners with this ministry, this dream was fulfilled and continues to honor the Lord.  

Walk of Faith to Prayer Mountain Chapel - Morningside

Walk of Faith to Prayer Mountain Chapel – Morningside

This week Pastor’s vision of revival, prayer and worship atop tranquil Prayer Mountain will begin to unfold.  Prayer Mountain Chapel will be open as a place of worship and prayer that will fill these Ozark Mountains. The time has come for Morningside to continue the teachings from God’s word and allow His Wisdom and Grace back to the church! Prayer Mountain Chapel will offer communion, personal prophecy, anointing, and the warmth of fellowship with someone there 24 hours a day to pray with you. 

Pastor Jim has spent many hours on Prayer mountain and from the deep communion he has had with God, he saw this beautiful Chapel and a peaceful path leading to it called “The Walk of Faith.”  For almost 6 decades, Jim Bakker, even throughout the most difficult years of his life, has maintained his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Morningside celebrates the founder of this ministry and the millions who have come to know Jesus because he has dared to follow and learn from the path God set him upon that began so long ago. 

Jim Bakker and President Ronald Reagan

Jim Bakker and President Ronald Reagan

If you would like to honor Pastor Jim Bakker and his 58 years in ministry please follow this link to our $ 58-anniversary page to find wonderful products that are now being offered.  Your gifts go to keeping the Jim Bakker Show, Lori Bakker’s show, “Life with Lori” and the PTL Television Network on the air as well as continue the ministry of Lori’s House, Prayer Mountain and Morningside.   

You are Pastor Jim Bakker’s family in Christ that has seen God’s vision for this ministry come into reality!  Thank you for your support and for the friendship you have given to this faithful man of God!


Precious New Addition to Lori’s House!

Lori holds the newest baby to be born at Lori's House

True smiles and hearts full of thankfulness are shining at Morningside as we welcome a brand new addition to Lori’s House! Baby Daniel was born this month! Both he and his Mom are healthy and happy! We are certain that Daniel will be getting lots of attention by the staff as his amazing and loving Mother continues to work hard at bettering her life for the both of them. It is such a blessing to see the vision of Lori’s House come to life!

Lori’s House is a place of ministry, love and healing with it’s main goal to save babies by providing an alternative to abortion and caring for their mothers. This beautiful home sits alongside a lovely stream, and is snuggled in the Ozark Mountains’ Peaceful Valley, just outside of Branson, Missouri.

We are happy to say that Lori’s House has been built debt free through generous and loving donations. There is no charge for a young woman who have been accepted to live at Lori’s house throughout her entire pregnancy. The ministry, through donations, will provide assistance for food, clothing counseling and medical care. Educational classes and job training are also provided.

This home opens its doors with hope for life! Welcome to the world little Daniel!

There Is Joy In The Morning

Recently we enjoyed our Fourth of July Celebration during seven amazing days of praise and coming together!  Each anointed speaker that was on our show gave us insight into our world like nobody else could!  In their words we cannot help but know that God is working, ALWAYS working out of his love for us!  Jim and I felt so blessed each and every day as we saw so many wonderful people leaving their burdens in Jesus’ hands and remembering that God has great blessings for them!   Continue reading

Morningside Celebrates Lori’s House Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening of Lori’s House was a celebration full of smiles and true thankfulness to God and all that have donated, worked thousands of hours, encouraged and prayed!  On July 4th, almost 4 years to the day of its dedication, Lori’s House opened it’s doors to saving lives!

“What better day to dedicate a home that encourages life and renewing!  It has been a long road to opening this wonderful place for young pregnant women to go and have their babies instead of aborting them,”  Pastor Jim Bakker commented. “Lori warned me that there would be warfare. And there truly was, but we made it and we will cut the ribbon today!  God is on our side!!”

Lori Bakker thanked the many people who have had a part in this miracle remembering the amazing people who have donated with such generosity and believe in this cause.  She thanked the many who have prayed daily for this ministry and the staff and volunteers that have worked non-stop. “Tammy Sue Bakker has held this vision all along and made sure it came to pass.  With the amazing help from our forewoman, Daina Martin and her incredible staff this beautiful home has been made possible!

Lori took a special moment to honor her mother, Char Graham.  “ You truly are the queen of my life.  Jesus is my King and my rock but my Mom has been my rock as well. Her prayers for me when I wasn’t living for God brought me through to Him and her prayers have not stopped.  There is a special place for you in heaven and I am so proud to have you as my mom! “

Lori’s house has been a ministry close to Lori’s heart.  “One of the great joys of my life is mentoring.  Moments where I can speak into another woman the love of God and the healing that can be found there. We are going to see amazing journeys.. not only are we saving babies and their brave young mothers,  but we will be witnessing post abortive women being healed through ‘Mourning to Joy!’  We will be training up true women of God!”

Before stepping up to cut the ribbon with Lori and their granddaughter Olivia, Pastor spoke to the crowd.  “God has His hands on this ministry.  We pray for all of you every day! We pray for our employees and the staff of Lori’s House.  We pray for our volunteers and for our supporters!  God has set you apart for a worldwide ministry that nobody else is doing and we stand together as one!” he declared.  “ Children are our heritage.  We dedicate Lori’s House to the Glory of God!”

Morningside Church celebrates GRAND OPENING of Lori’s House Maternity Home!

Lori’s House, a maternity home for young mothers, will celebrate its Grand Opening on July 4th, 2015 at Morningside in Blue Eye, MO.

In the summer of  2011, Jim and Lori Bakker broke ground to build a beautiful 17,000 square foot home, with three floors of facilities and living quarters where life will be cherished and hope returned.  This will be a place of ministry, love, and healing with its main goal to save babies by providing an alternative to abortion and caring for their mothers.

Lori’s House has been built debt free through generous and loving donations and will house up to 18 young mothers and their babies as well as a round-the-clock caregiving staff and the dedicated, loving female students from Morningside Church’s Masters Media program.

There will be no charge for a young woman who is accepted to live at Lori’s House throughout her pregnancy.  The ministry, through donations, will provide assistance for food, clothing, and counseling.  Educational classes and job training will also be provided and an individual program will be tailored depending on each young mother’s special needs.

Busses will be transporting guests from the Grace Street building at Morningside following the Jim Bakker Show taping on July 4th with the Grand Opening Celebration beginning at 2pm.

For more information about Lori’s House, please contact info@Lorishouse.org.

Lori’s House Update

I am so excited about Lori’s House! We are approaching the time when we can finally open it and welcome our first girls in! We’re not quite there yet, but it’s soon… very soon. We have the right people in place now, and we are moving rapidly to finish the building and create a safe place where ministry, love, rest, learning, fellowship and caring will take place with its main goal of saving babies and caring for their mothers.

There will be no charge to a young woman who wants to live at Lori’s House through her pregnancy. The ministry, through generous donations, will provide assistance for food, clothing and medical care. Education and job training will be provided and an individual program will be tailored depending on each girl’s special needs.

Through it all, she will be comfortable, safe and “at home.” Continue reading

The Strong Prepare

Lori has always been a preparer.  She always has something in her purse to treat a burn, etc.  Now when she married me, she got to go full tilt with preparing!  You may laugh at Lori, but when it’s falling apart, you’ll wish for someone like her around you.

My Grandma Irwin was a preparer too.  She always had food – she always had something tucked away.  But if you’re going to tuck money away under your mattress or something, make sure it’s in dollar bills because they won’t be making change someday soon. If you have to buy a loaf of bread, you don’t want to have to give a hundred dollar bill.

This is in the first part of what’s coming.  So, if you have dollar bills, you can go buy a loaf of bread and they’ll take whatever you have. You’re going to barter for things in the next state (situation).  When the power goes out and the machines don’t work… the atms will not work!  Continue reading

My Great Motivation

On one of our recent shows that Jim was taping without me (because I was just too ill to come to the set) he mentioned that I had to get well so that I could run Lori’s House.  I just want you all to know that there is no greater motivation for me than to know that Lori’s House will be operating soon and we will be saving tiny, innocent lives. Can you imagine anything that would touch the heart of God more?  Jesus said pure and undefiled religion is taking care of the widows and orphans (James 1:27) and with the help of our partners and friends, we will do it very soon here at Morningside!  We can do many ‘good works’ that we think please God, but with this effort, we can know it does!

Statistics have confirmed that in this country, 40% of all women have had abortions –  almost half!  Until recently, that statistic was 25% or 1 out of every 4, supporting the fact that abortion is becoming more and more prevalent.  In this country alone, we have aborted over 55 million (and counting) babies.  Abortion does more than stop an innocent heart from beating.  The long-term effects of having an abortion are proven to be debilitating for women of all ages. Continue reading

A Little Boy’s Voice (Pt. 1)

Jim and I are almost ready to begin a ministry that is a part of my destiny in serving the Lord Jesus.  “Lori’s House” is being built to help save babies who might otherwise be aborted if young women could not see a way to navigate through the circumstances of life dealing with an untimely pregnancy.  We are also focusing on ministry to post-abortive women.

I was just 17 years old when I had my first abortion, and just 21 when the last of 5 consecutive abortions left me unable to ever have a child. Continue reading

Jesus Statue Dedicated at Lori’s House

On July 3, 2013, proponents of abortion packed into the Texas State House and chanted “Hail Satan” as part of their demands that the Texas government stop their attempts to restrict abortion. In what the staff and supporters of The Jim Bakker Show know is a spiritual battle, this was one of the most blatant showings of Satan’s desire to kill babies in the womb.

On July 4, 2013, Jim and Lori Bakker took another bold step forward for Christ into the battle for the lives of babies. As the construction of Lori’s House continues to progress, the Jesus and the lamb statue that will welcome pregnant women to their new home was dedicated to the Lord and His purpose.

The one-of-a-kind statue has the lamb looking up into the face of Christ, who has his right hand out and open to those walking up the brick path to the Lori’s House door. Continue reading