A Little Boy’s Voice (Pt. 1)

Jim and I are almost ready to begin a ministry that is a part of my destiny in serving the Lord Jesus.  “Lori’s House” is being built to help save babies who might otherwise be aborted if young women could not see a way to navigate through the circumstances of life dealing with an untimely pregnancy.  We are also focusing on ministry to post-abortive women.

I was just 17 years old when I had my first abortion, and just 21 when the last of 5 consecutive abortions left me unable to ever have a child.

I realize that not many of you have heard my entire testimony which I’ve recorded in my book, “More Than I Could Ever Ask.”  So, I feel like this is the right time to share with you the details of my life which Jesus redeemed with His precious Blood so that I can give others hope and spare them the grief and pain of abortion, and save the lives of the innocent.

I hope you are encouraged as you read Part one of this six part series.



I fiddled with the knobs on the car radio as the kids chattered in the backseat. I had driven from Phoenix to Los Angeles to see Bobbi, and now the two of us were taking her daughter, Nikki, and her nephew Jason to the beach. It was a beautiful late summer day, blazing hot, near the end of August 1989.

Without being too obvious about it, I was looking for a Christian radio station. I figured Bobbi would want to listen to our usual rock music, so I reached for the dial first. Following my commitment to Christ five months earlier, I did not want to have anything to do with my former lifestyle, including the music.

A little girl’s voice cut through the static on the radio. She was saying something about Jesus. Great! A Christian children’s program, I thought smugly. This is perfect. I smiled and tapped my fingers against the steering wheel as the background music faded out and the dialogue started again.

As a new Christian I very much wanted to be a good influence on Bobbi and her family. After all, I had been responsible for leading her down the wrong path, introducing her to drugs and encouraging her toward promiscuity. And when Bobbi had wanted to straighten out her life and serve God two years earlier, I had been the one who kept drawing her back into the destructive party lifestyle. Now the tables were turned: I was on fire for God, and she was still trying to get me to snort crystal with her, tempting me with worn-out promises of a new and better high. For the first time in almost two decades, though, I wasn’t buying it.

Bobbi was as close to me as any blood relative could be—and with all my heart I wanted to help her find the same joy I had found when I gave my life to Jesus. I breathed a silent prayer of gratitude to God for finding a Christian children’s program. What a great ministry tool, I told myself. Bobbi will have to listen to it for the kids’ sake. But as we cruised down the Pacific Coast Highway listening to the radio, I discovered the audio drama was not a children’s program at all; instead it was directed squarely at me.

To be continued….

7 thoughts on “A Little Boy’s Voice (Pt. 1)

  1. Hear you sharing tonight about Lori’s house and waiting to see the first babies born there. It 1:20am and I am going to bed but I had to tell you, I heard the Lord say this that there will be a little boy born there and his Mom will call him Seth, because the Lord said , once again I am appointing new seed. God Bless you.Good night Carmel in NC.

  2. Lori, just wanted to let U know what an Inspiration U are, & have been to my life , just a note of encouragement saying how much I admire the things U do,,& the stand U take for the LORD.,& the Kingdom… We LoVe U …

  3. I look forward to reading the series, Lori! I also continue as well to pray earnestly and passionately for the completion of Lori’s house and the babies that will bring a fresh joy of freedom to the world as we know it!

    Praying for the Mama’s that will come to know the solid love of Jesus and the Kingdom of heaven in an incredible and powerful way! For the precious ones that come to realize the “aftermath” of a higher truth of the consequences of their choices to abort, however will find the love, comfort, salvation and protection of Jesus, and most of all to find Grace from the Heavenly Father ~aka: “Abba Father / Papa” and the power of His forgiveness and redemption. I’m so excited for Lori’s House and all it will become “for such a time as this”!

    Fragrant Bouquets of love & Blessings all stuffed into pink & blue baby booties!

    Love & Hugs from California,

  4. Lori, thank you for sharing your life with us. You have such grace and strength! Thank you for you openess and allowing us to gain encouragement through what you walked through! I am looking forward to the continued (: May God continue using you in a mighty way!

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