Morningside Church celebrates GRAND OPENING of Lori’s House Maternity Home!

Lori’s House, a maternity home for young mothers, will celebrate its Grand Opening on July 4th, 2015 at Morningside in Blue Eye, MO.

In the summer of  2011, Jim and Lori Bakker broke ground to build a beautiful 17,000 square foot home, with three floors of facilities and living quarters where life will be cherished and hope returned.  This will be a place of ministry, love, and healing with its main goal to save babies by providing an alternative to abortion and caring for their mothers.

Lori’s House has been built debt free through generous and loving donations and will house up to 18 young mothers and their babies as well as a round-the-clock caregiving staff and the dedicated, loving female students from Morningside Church’s Masters Media program.

There will be no charge for a young woman who is accepted to live at Lori’s House throughout her pregnancy.  The ministry, through donations, will provide assistance for food, clothing, and counseling.  Educational classes and job training will also be provided and an individual program will be tailored depending on each young mother’s special needs.

Busses will be transporting guests from the Grace Street building at Morningside following the Jim Bakker Show taping on July 4th with the Grand Opening Celebration beginning at 2pm.

For more information about Lori’s House, please contact