The Strong Prepare

Lori has always been a preparer.  She always has something in her purse to treat a burn, etc.  Now when she married me, she got to go full tilt with preparing!  You may laugh at Lori, but when it’s falling apart, you’ll wish for someone like her around you.

My Grandma Irwin was a preparer too.  She always had food – she always had something tucked away.  But if you’re going to tuck money away under your mattress or something, make sure it’s in dollar bills because they won’t be making change someday soon. If you have to buy a loaf of bread, you don’t want to have to give a hundred dollar bill.

This is in the first part of what’s coming.  So, if you have dollar bills, you can go buy a loaf of bread and they’ll take whatever you have. You’re going to barter for things in the next state (situation).  When the power goes out and the machines don’t work… the atms will not work! 

In some nations right now, the banks are collapsing and we’re in a time that we are to be prepared.  And so, I believe the number one trading thing is food (with your garden or whatever you have).  And I just pray that you will be ready.

The seven-year food comes down to 39 cents a serving and if days are good or bad – if you lose your job or anything – you can eat this food.  We eat it all the time.  My bean burgers are a staple at our house.  We have a bucket of it in our pantry and we just go in and get a pack.  I made Lori one recently while she’s in this time where she is so weak, and I just threw a pack in, put water in it, and I have my Panini grill and I make huge burgers and put them on there.  You have what I call ‘meat’ but it’s really made of beans – and it won’t rot like meat!

Why wouldn’t you think when times get a little rough, and a tornado or earthquake, or whatever is going on – tsunamis, or these major things that I believe are coming very, very soon… why wouldn’t you want to have emergency food on hand?  What’s wrong with being able to have food – you can eat it now!  You haven’t wasted anything!  You have food insurance!

And then you can help people, instead of being helpless.  There’s going to be so many people to carry that you need to be a carrier, a lifter up, and not one who is going to have to be pulled along.

That’s why God spoke to Lori that you need to have things taken care of so she just said “I’m going to do it because I need to be strong”

We’re going to open Lori’s House in a few months, and we’re going to have Ladies Conferences.  And she’s going to have to be strong and be Lady Lori.

Rabbi Cahn said, “We are never to be afraid in God, AND we have to remember no matter what happens, we are still truly, for real, on the winning side.  We are still of the Kingdom that always wins.

It’s not just about survival, it’s about being a blessing, a light.  This is our moment, this is our stage – our moment like when you’re coming on a stage and we shine – that’s what it’s about.  Remember, if you’re born again, the Bible says you are grafted in and you are a fellow citizen of the commonwealth of Israel, so remember what nation you are of, and that is Israel, the nation the enemy has tried to destroy from the beginning.  All hell has come against them. Pharaoh tried to wipe them out – Assyria tried to crush them – Babylon tried to annihilate them – Rome tried to smother them – Hitler tried to exterminate them – and the Pharaoh is gone – Assyria is falling – Babylon is no more – Rome is no more – Hitler is gone – they’re all gone.  But, the nation of Israel lives because the God of Israel lives and because the Messiah of Israel lives – and if He lives, we live, we prevail and no force on earth can crush the power of God or the people of God”

That’s why God says be strong and of good courage (Joshua 1:9), be wise.  You are the one who overcomes the world, and that is what this is all about.

Here’s what keeps me going on….

getting people prepared!

God Loves You, He Really Does!


5 thoughts on “The Strong Prepare

  1. Dear Charles I can empathize with how you feel, because a few months ago I too lost my job and have been in the valley of despair. You know I got up, shook myself off and even though I don’t have a full time job I have been able to get sporadic work to help keep a roof over our heads. My son isn’t working either but he is in school and recently got a years worth of grants. I have been grateful, because that has been such a worry.

    Call Jehovah our Father out on His promises in the Bible. My personal favorite Is Psalms 37. There are many others but one I have come to rely on is the Lord’s Prayer. Remember He is our Father and if we pray to Him in the name of His Son Jesus Christ no good thing will He with hold from His child. Always end your prayer with humility and thy will be done. He will work miracles in your life. Remember the Lord’s Prayer you have to forgive the wrongs that have been done to you. I have been doing this myself. It is imperative if we want to be forgiven. Mark my words….be consistent (as I am learning myself) with your daily (early AM the better) morning devotions….work or not….I PROMISE YOU YOU WILL BE BLESSED! Just remember when you are blessed to pay your tithes……always!

    Do this and see Him work! He will bless you with means to prepare. 🙂

  2. Pastor Jim,

    As Christians, I already KNOW that we’re NOT “supposed” to be “worried” about “lacking” anything, including provision for food from Heaven!! But when you’re NOT “working” at the moment – or only have just a little bit of “MONEY” saved up (“under the mattress”), such as in my OWN case; well then, it’s all “easier said than done” to NOT have to “worry” about how an individual can “afford” to BUY some of the “things” that are indeed “needed” to “prepare” ahead for “hard times” to come. I haven’t even had a “job” in a while, in the first place, to even just to BEGIN to “earn” a sufficient amount of “MONEY” itself; to subsequently “save up” enough of it in order to “buy” all of the “things” that the Lord wants us “believers” to “set aside” for the coming “Hard Times” in America.

    Pastor Jim, I have to admit that; for quite a long TIME of being “unemployed” during this serious unprecedented “Economic Crisis” of ours; that accordingly, like most middle-aged able-bodied American males; that, for a while, I had gone through what most narcissistic youth-minded Americans would commonly call a “mid-life crisis”; partly because of my growing “older”, age-wise; ALONG with the fact of being greatly “discouraged” and “depressed” ANYWAY, for such a “demoralizing” humbling (or should I say “humiliating”) situation for a “working-man” being endlessly “jobless”; for REASONS of which, whether they had to do to my OWN “fault” – or of God’s own “doing”; that NEVERTHELESS, whatever the cause; that still though, my “cries” to Heaven for “employment”, once again, had so far (and still, for now) have gone “unheeded”; thereby causing me many times to feel supposedly “abandoned” by the Great God Almighty, who we all know can do “all things”…….if He so CHOOSES to!!

    So, right now, Pastor Jim; personally, I don’t even have enough “MONEY” earned or saved, in the first place, in order to “buy” the very “THINGS” that are to be kept in store against God’s “Day of Reckoning” with “The Wicked” in America.

    But frankly now, Pastor Jim, I’m very “tired” of “worrying” about the future grim lot of America! Frankly, I’m too “tired” – of being “tired’ – of being “tired” – of NOT having any (or very little) MONEY that I know that I would “need” in order so-call “PREPARE” against “The Day of Trouble”. I just don’t “have it” at this current time! Worrying about it ain’t gonna CHANGE one “thing” about my situation…….unless God intervenes!

    I got so “worn out” worrying, to the POINT whereby I just couldn’t “worry” any longer. And then……..soon enough……..The Lord intervened and His Spirit began to “cheer me up” from within my weary soul [(seriously)??? chuckle]. And I’m NOW not one bit “afraid” of what’s comin’ ahead!

    And, Pastor Jim, this same “INTERVENTION” in my life took the FORM; for example, with the Lord having KEPT my Section-8 apartment very “WARM” during the Winter months – in spite of me NOT having “the money” to pay gas bills to keep my apartment warm, within the sub-freezing temperatures outside of my residential building. So, yes, the Lord has several times shown me, in miraculous ways, that He will indeed “PROVIDE” for saints – even without having the “MONEY”, period, for paying for utilities or other “vital necessities”; in the miraculous MANNER as He did, with the prophet, Elijah; who had to “hide” 3 ½ years in the wilderness from Queen Jezebel; AND just as there will be saints who will be hidden and “protected” for 3 ½ years from the bloodshed caused Anti-Christ [as opposed to those OTHER precious “saints” – ordained from Eternity – who will indeed be gloriously “martyred” for God, by the Anti-Christ, during the Great Tribulation].

    So, Pastor Jim, whether it is “believable” or NOT; that NEVERTHELESS, the Lord will still somehow miraculously “PROVIDE” for saints, such as myself; who, right now, don’t even HAVE a “job”, in the first place, to earn the “MONEY” necessary to “buy” all of the “things” that we’ll all “need” to PREPARE against the “hard days” to come upon America. Frankly, I really don’t know HOW God’s gonna “do it”; BUT, one day, shortly before – and during – the “days” of the Anti-Christ; that ALL of us – without exception, will have our “faith” greatly TESTED by God Himself; that is, with our own self-declared “FAITH” finally being “pressed up against the wall”, like there’s “no tomorrow”; and we’re just gonna have to “BELIEVE” God for “The Unbelievable” during the days of “Anti-Christ” – whether we got “things” saved up or NOT; and no matter how “DANGEROUS” it’s gonna “get”, to be a so-called “Christian” – even in the United States; thereby risking certain DEATH in the hands of the “Son of Satan” – UNLESS the Lord establishes secret “places of refuge” for those saints who were NOT “ordained” by the Lord to be “martyred” by the Son of Perdition. As the Lord “provided” for Elijah in “The Wilderness”, from Jezebel; so LIKEWISE, analogously; I believe that the Lord has ready designated “secret places” in hiding for the saints; whereby we’ll eventually be “looked-out” for, by God, from the blood-thirsty reign of the Anti-Christ.

    So, as for those saints who got “the money” NOW, to buy what’s needed to “prepare”; well then, may God bless you!! And as for ME, personally, I’ll just have to “TRUST” God Himself for some OTHER miraculous “means” – beyond my imagination and understanding; by which to acquire those same “things” that are “needed” to provide against that Great and Evil Day!!

    Praise God and His Son, Jesus forever!!!

  3. Dear Pastor Bakker,

    I just watched the Blood Moons live stream with you and Ricky. Thank you for watching. I finally went to bed at 3:00 a.m (had to work get up at at 6:30 a.m to get ready for work) when I watched the Blood Moon. It was very cold and windy here in Texas, but our sky’s cleared up. I was on the phone with my friends who were about 45 minutes away and we watched together by phone. Thank you for your convictions, your integrity and your ministry….hope Lori is well very soon…what a blessing she is to you, your family and to us.
    Gwen/Texas :->


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