Here come storms Nancy and Oaklee bringing snow, ice and gusty wind

Important Takeaways:

  • A tale of two storms: Millions of Americans across the Northeast are warned to brace for a polar plunge as Storm Nancy blows in sending temperatures plummeting by up to 30 degrees before Storm Oaklee is due to batter the area days later
  • Storm Nancy will send temperatures plummeting by up to 30 degrees in the Midwest and Northeast could bring over a foot of snow in some places
  • Oaklee is expected to make landfall in California on Tuesday but will gather strength as it sweeps eastwards
  • The storms represent yet more misery for millions who were battered by brutal weather late last week
  • Alabama Power customers were without electricity on Thursday and Friday in the state amid tornadoes, while further north, 13,000 were without power in Tennessee; 14,000 in Kentucky; 16,000 in darkness in Ohio and 18,000 in Pennsylvania.
  • Meanwhile, 40mph gusts in Illinois whipped up blizzards which caused a pile-up of more than 100 cars and trucks on Interstate 39

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