I’m So Defensive

I thought I would get your attention with that title, but it’s a true statement! I am very defensive! That is… I am a defender of Jim particularly (and other family members, especially my kids); I am a defender of women; I am a defender of God!

I can completely relate to Sarah Palin when she said she was a “momma grizzly bear.” I think the instinct to defend our children is in most of us as Mothers. If it’s not, there’s something broken inside!

Defending those we love is an honorable character trait, don’t you think? Jesus is our defender and He is passionate about it! Continue reading

Grateful for You All

I was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude by the responses to my most recent blog “For the Sake of the Call.”  You can’t imagine how much your encouraging words mean as we endeavor to stay faithful to the call of ministry.

The truth is that spiritual warfare has increased and is increasing every day – for everybody.  John Paul Jackson was with us last week and we talked about many of the reasons we are all experiencing increased warfare.  If you didn’t get to see the live stream, be sure to watch the regular programming schedule for when the shows will air. Continue reading

Abortion and Spiritual Warfare

The warfare surrounding abortion is horrendous!  Whenever you try to do something in the area of saving lives, the spiritual warfare you will have to battle through is just horrendous!  I’ve know this for years, because I’ve worked with all the issues surrounding abortion.  But now, trying to build Lori’s House in these last days is even worse than all the previous years of warfare.

If you don’t think there really is a spiritual battle going on in the heavens over killing babies, just get involved in a project that tries to save these innocent little lives and see how ferocious the backlash is.

Jim and I are determined to build Lori’s House, but we have been delayed by a small vocal minority.  Isn’t that the way this thing (abortion) got started in the first place?  When the majority of people let the vocal minority rule in this country, we had things like abortion legalized, prayer taken out of schools, and the Ten Commandments removed from public buildings instituted.  If good people, God’s people, don’t stand up and do something, evil will prevail.

I’ve said for a long time now that I don’t understand how all that happened.  I don’t get it, I really don’t.  How can people be silent when being silent means our country is taken over by antichrist spirits?  They are against Christ – they are against anything to do with the commandments of Christ.

John Kilpatrick was recently on our show and Jim asked him if the warfare surrounding the Brownsville revival had been fierce.  John replied that it had been fierce, but he believed that the blessing from the revival (hundreds of thousands saved) was in direct proportion to the spiritual warfare.  Little warfare = little blessing.  Fierce warfare =  manifold blessings!

I know that to be true from the years of working in the ministry.  And since it’s true, Jim and I and everyone who has had a hand (and will have a hand) in working towards building Lori’s House, has huge blessings ahead!

Let’s not be quiet this time.  We have only a short time to work before we see the Lord coming again.  Some people say that if the Lord is coming soon, why do anything like build Lori’s House to save babies?  Why not just wait for the Lord to straighten everything out?  As Jim said recently, “all we can do is our part – all we can do is save a few – but if every church saved a few – millions could be saved.”

The Bible bears out that killing babies is one major reason societies were judged by God and eventually destroyed.  Add to that, abortion is a multi-million dollar business and it’s all about the love of money.  Since this country led the world in legalizing abortion, the blood of the innocent is on our hands!  Unless we do all we can to reverse this travesty, God will judge us too!

In contrast, if the churches will start saving babies, I believe God will bring revival to this country.  “IF MY PEOPLE…” will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then I will hear from heaven and HEAL THEIR LAND.

If we do something, God will do something.  It doesn’t take the whole nation to repent for God to do something.  IF MY PEOPLE…

This is not the time to shrink back from the warfare surrounding the killing of innocent babies.  It’s time to gird ourselves for battle and fight through all the opposition.  When we get to heaven and the fire of God burns up all the dross in our lives, this is one effort that will remain as something of value.