Iceland volcanic experts predict eruption could happen at any moment as more quakes hit the region


Important Takeaways:

  • ‘Time’s finally up’: Iceland’s impending volcanic blast ‘marks the start of centuries of eruptions’ as one region is hit by 800 new quakes that have split houses apart and created gaping chasms
  • Iceland’s looming volcano blast is just the beginning of a new era of volcanic eruptions that will last for centuries, with the build-up of magma beneath the coastal town of Grindavik signalling that more is to come, scientists have warned.
  • The region has been rattled by more than 800 new earthquakes since midnight, with experts warning that magma is rising ever closer to the earth’s surface fueling fears of an imminent volcanic eruption
  • Around 4,000 residents were evacuated from Grindavik on Saturday morning, hours after Iceland declared a state of emergency.
  • A huge nine-mile-long magma intrusion, just northwest of Grindavik, has formed and is growing, according to experts, with magma thought to be as close as 500 meters from the surface.
  • Just a few days ago, experts were saying that magma was accumulating three miles below ground, but it has now risen much closer, if estimates are correct.
  • In case the worst happens, authorities are preparing to build defense walls around a nearby geothermal power plant which they desperately hope will protect it from lava flows.

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