Pastor John Kilpatrick: The Earth is speaking, it’s trying to warn us about the effects of sin

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Important Takeaways:

  • Pastor John Kilpatrick Just Issued An Ominous Prophetic Warning About What Is Coming That You Must Hear
  • I would encourage you to watch the entire thing, because the message that he shares is very powerful.
  • In it, he links the shakings that are coming to the rampant sins of our country…
    • [Charisma News writes] Pastor Kilpatrick, prompted by the Holy Spirit, emphasized the need to warn people about the signs taking place globally, shedding light on the spiritual perspective that sin affects the Earth profoundly.
    • The pastor highlighted the crucial distinction between divine actions and the consequences of the fall of Adam and Eve. He stressed the direct connection between the state of the land and humanity, linking them through the impact of sin. The message echoed the idea that the Earth, affected by the fall, is now manifesting events that grab the world’s attention.
    • Drawing attention to the increasing prevalence of sin, Pastor Kilpatrick noted the rise of blatant rebellion against God, indicating a significant shift in societal values. He connected this surge in lawlessness to the prophesied manifestation of the Earth in response to the prevailing sin.
  • …one recent earthquake in southern California was felt so keenly that Disneyland was forced to shut down a number of their rides…
    • Disneyland was forced to shut a number of rides at its theme park in Anaheim, California, on Monday night, following a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.
    • The U.S. Geological Survey reported an earthquake striking at around 8:09 p.m., with the epicenter recorded at just over a mile east of Fullerton—two miles north of Disneyland. A smaller aftershock was reported to have struck at around 8:30 p.m.
  • And this week we were warned that Earth’s magnetic field may be getting ready to “flip”…
    • The Earth’s magnetic field plays a big role in protecting people from hazardous radiation and geomagnetic activity that could affect satellite communication and the operation of power grids. And it moves.
    • Scientists have studied and tracked the motion of the magnetic poles for centuries. The historical movement of these poles indicates a change in the global geometry of the Earth’s magnetic field. It may even indicate the beginning of a field reversal – a “flip” between the north and south magnetic poles
  • And it makes me very sad to say that even our churches are going downhill very fast. For example, a Baptist church in Virginia is actually hosting a concert that will feature a drag queen named “Flamy Grant”…
    • Grace Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia is hosting a drag queen concert. Yes, folks, a Baptist church.
    • The church is featuring “Flamy Grant” – a so-called Christian drag queen
  • What in the world has happened to us?

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Former House Stenographer Said God Spoke Through Her

A former House stenographer who lost her job after she interrupted the floor proceedings to deliver what she called a “message from God” has taken to the internet with her testimony about that day.

Dianne Reidy and her husband appear in a YouTube video explaining what happened in October.

“I remember just getting up to the podium,” Reidy says in the video.  “After saying ‘God will not be mocked,’ I don’t have a memory of anything else that was said that evening until I was escorted off the floor.”

Reidy said that she knew in advance that God was going to say something through her during the major vote.  She also said it was not the first time that God has used her to deliver a message to someone.  She said that she had three previous incidents:  at a friend’s funeral; while reuniting with her father and while speaking to a homeless man in Washington, D.C.

She refuted claims by non-Christians that it was a breakdown and not a religious experience.

Mystery Babylon Revealed (Pt. 6)

Verse 10:  They will be afraid of her suffering and stand far away and say:  “Terrible!  How terrible for you, great city, powerful city of Babylon, because your punishment has come in one hour!”  God’s name for any wicked city is Babylon.  Even when Jerusalem would turn against God, God would call her Babylon.

Verse 11:  “And the merchants of the earth will cry and be sad about her, because now there is no one to buy their cargoes…”  Now if this Babylon was the Catholic Church, as some believe, this verse wouldn’t even make sense.  Would the merchants cry over the Catholic Church going bankrupt?  I doubt it.  But this verse means even the people in China will weep over this one.  Because when the economy breaks down, no one will buy Chinese goods!  No one will buy anything because the system won’t work.

So, what is this harlot about?  What is all this about? Continue reading

Whatever you’re going to do… do it NOW!

It is an amazing time to be living as the Bible’s Last Days events are taking place on a daily basis. Earthquakes have increased and even tornados have quadrupled!  This should not scare us but reassure us that the Bible is true!  Jesus said when all these things take place, He will take us, who believe in Him, to a home He has prepared for us!

Whatever we are going to do for Christ, NOW is the time to do it. Israel is God’s Time Clock and the alarm is telling us we are near earth shaking events. The AP news service declares; “U.S. Intelligence Officials say Israel won’t warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.”

Iran has declared their goal is to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth including those in the United States and around the world!  Israel is surrounded by her enemies, just as the Bible says that they would be in the Last Days. We could be one bomb away from an Armageddon!

This is just one of the reasons Lori and I and all of us at Morningside are preparing for the Last Days great harvest time!  We are enlarging our school and adding a new production studio to reach the youth of the world. Our new ministry and food storage center, with housing for visitors coming for teaching and encouragement and a safe place in Times of Trouble, is under construction. The steel has arrived for this important building we call Morningside Old Mill Inn, which by the way, will house even a tornado-proof shelter for residents and visitors.

Lori and I are not only storing more food at Morningside and doing more to help our friends and faith partners get ready, we are adding to our personal storage for our family! The Bible even says that a person is a fool who sees trouble coming and does not prepare!  We believe what Jesus said would come to pass, will come to pass! And what Jesus told John to write down in the book of Revelation is coming to pass NOW!  Remember tribulation simply means pressure!  WOW, are we already there!

Why are we preparing this City of Refuge with power generators and its own food and water supply? It is to encourage and teach God’s Word, and store and grow food, and save babies, and train young and old alike, and to broadcast the Gospel around the world 24 hours a day!

I will give you just a few reasons why I am storing more food right NOW!  The number one reason is that I have spent the last two decades studying the Bible and focusing on the book of Revelation, researching in the Greek each word of this amazing book one word at a time and I am totally convinced we are living in Revelation Days NOW!  The “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” are not only out of the barn but they are beginning to gallop throughout the world!

The number two reason why I am storing more food and have even put in emergency power into our home is America has turned her back on God!  The Harbinger warnings from God before Israel was destroyed have all taken place in the United States!  It was ten years after the bricks fell that Israel was destroyed and we are in the tenth year since 9/11!  Read Rabbi Cahn’s book, “The Harbinger” if you do not know of this important warning from God to America!  2012 is not the end of the world like many are saying, but as Rick Joyner has said, it may be the end of the world as we know it!

The third reason is that Jesus says in Matthew 24, that a sign of His return is there will be “no food to eat,” and there will be earthquakes all over the place!  In case of earthquakes or hurricanes or tornadoes or lack of food or riots or power failures, do you have a plan where you will go and where will your family meet if all phone lines and phone towers are down?  Iran plans to explode an Electric Magnetic bomb over America shutting down all transportation that has motors and our electric grid system. Do you agree it is time for America to turn back to God?  Our only safe place is in Jesus Christ;  He will never leave us or forsake us! The Bible says, “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord!”

It’s time to prepare food and water, for this is key to sustaining life!   Look over our food offers and get ready NOW!  One day it will be too late!

What do you think the Bible means when it says “In the Last Days perilous times will come?” Perilous means difficult, dangerous, furious and reducing the strength!  Are these difficult days?  Dangerous days?  Are people furious and has even the strength of America been reduced?  The warning signs of God’s prophetic words are flashing NOW!  Will you heed them and be ready?

Don’t be afraid – be ready!  Get your food ready for your family and have some for others too!  We can’t give them Jesus until we give them food first!

Remember that we love you and God loves you, He really does!

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Monster May

During a show taping not too long ago, the Lord suddenly downloaded the words “Monster May” into my spirit.  It was very much like the countless earlier times I had been given some prophetic insight rather unexpectedly but very certain, nonetheless.  When the Lord spoke the words “Major March” to me on New Year’s Eve 2010, I had no idea the extent of what was coming in March, but the somber events which were to unfold proved that those words were particularly accurate and precise.  Then, nine days before the Japan earthquake and again while on the air, the download from the Lord came again; “There’s going to be a 9-point earthquake somewhere in the world very soon.”   On March 11, 2011 we saw Japan literally moved 8 feet and the earth’s axis shifted 4 inches in a historic earthquake of epic proportion.

The Red Lights of Prophecy are Flashing!

“Hearing from the Lord” is somewhat of a mystery to most people.  But for those who read and believe what the Bible says, hearing from the Lord is not only talked about in the ancient texts, it is essential for the last days.  We are told in Acts 2:17-18 that “in the last days” the Lord will pour out His Spirit, and the result of this will be prophetic revelation in the form of visions, dreams, and prophecy. This is necessary “in the last days” because as we draw closer to the end of this age, we will need prophetic guidance more than ever.  In 1 Corinthians 14:39, Paul instructs the Church:  “So my brothers and sisters, you should truly want to prophesy…”  Paul also said in 1 Corinthians 13:9 that we know in part, and we prophesy in part.  I like the way the New Living Translation explains this:  “Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture!”

Weather Even More Out of Control:  Death By Water

In 1999, the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and instructed me to get a pen and begin to write.  One of the things He said to me was there would be “weather even more out of control:  death by water”.  It seems as though this particular prophetic word from the Lord is especially pertinent in 2011 as we see the weather causing record numbers of tornados and rain, and then the Mississippi River floods.  This entire month of May has truly been a ‘monster’, and it’s not over yet.  The effects of this ‘monster’ will be with us forever in loss of life and property, and in the ripple effect it will cause on our crops, our economy, and ultimately, our world.

Memphis Under Water

In January, 2011, Lori and I were in Memphis.  As I looked out my hotel room window, I heard the Lord say “everything you see here will be under water soon”.  The thought sent chills through me – but I know the voice of the Lord and it was an ominous warning.  I later mentioned it on the air in a broadcast in February.

New Orleans Under Water Again

It gives me no pleasure to tell you that another prophetic message given to me in April this year is that New Orleans would again be under water, and this time, they won’t recover.  As the Mississippi River swells and rushes further and further south, New Orleans is doing their best to prepare for the coming waters – but will their best be good enough?

As a “watchman” for the Lord, I see and hear these things to warn people of the coming dangers.  My whole ministry is geared toward preparation for catastrophic events that are surely coming and that’s because we are in the Last Days.  Jesus tells us all about it in Matthew 24 and in the Book of Revelation.  But the most amazing thing about Jesus is that He loves us so much that He is again echoing His prophetic warnings throughout the world to give people plenty of time to see, hear and understand what is coming and to prepare.  I can only believe He does this because He wants us to know that He has us in His heart and hand, and He doesn’t want people to suffer unnecessarily!  He wants us to know that He is coming very, very soon!



Monster May – Recap

A Major March

On New Year’s Eve 2010, God showed me that the coming month of March would be a “Major March”.  A time of major upheaval but also a time of extreme answers to prayers and blessing for Gods people.    In addition to the New Year’s Eve warning, God again brought a warning  while taping  our television broadcast, that a 9.0 magnitude earthquake was coming, this was a week before the earthquake hit Japan.  We are now witnessing the apocalyptic events in Japan that were undoubtedly a part of both of those warnings.  More earthquakes and major events are coming to Japan very soon.  California and the area from Illinois and Missouri to Arkansas will have major events in the future.  Keep you eyes on the Ring of Fire.

On July 12, 2005, God showed me New Orleans under water.  Forty-one days later, on August 29, 2005, hurricane Katrina hit.

In 1999, God showed me 31 things that will come to pass shortly and most already have.

When I tell you of the warnings God gives me and how they come to pass, I’m doing so because I want you to know how much He cares for you – enough to send you a message through a watchman ahead of time so that you can be ready!  Throughout the Bible, God uses people in certain capacities to deliver His messages and warnings.  These warnings aren’t just meant for me and my family.  No!  These messages and warnings are for the entire family of God so that they can prepare, first their hearts, and then to help themselves and others in practical ways in Times of Trouble.

I do not claim to be a prophet but I am a watchman whom the Lord Jesus uses to warn others to be ready for impending calamity.  Jim Bakker is human and has “feet of clay” just like you do.  I’m not perfect – the only perfect people are the people you don’t know very well, except for Jesus!  I don’t want people to believe in me – I want them to believe in Jesus!  If you put your hope in men, they will fail you.  We are to glorify Jesus, not any man!  Jesus must be on the throne – and we are to be looking unto Jesus as author and finisher of our faith.  We are to be looking with intensity, an intense gaze!  If you lose focus in this hour, you may not have the time to regain your bearings!

The speed with which Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled is mind-boggling.  NOW is the time to get our heads on straight and get our hearts right with God.  NOW is the time to prepare for Times of Trouble.  Remember Revelation warns us when the last days events began they will happen quickly many at one time one right after another!

We will be comforted during the Times of Trouble, and we are not appointed to God’s wrath; but Jesus warns over and over to prepare, both physically and spiritually for what is coming during these times.

The Lord also gave me a dream right before New Year’s Eve about huge waves sweeping down through the streets and over people.  In the dream, I was running into a large tower-like structure and screaming for the people to follow me!  As we climbed higher and higher in the tower I could see the huge waves coming up the streets just as we see in the pictures on television from Japan.

I wouldn’t be a Friend of God or your friend if I didn’t tell you what I’m sensing and hearing.  It’s time to run to God – it’s time to run into the Strong Tower of God and be safe!  It’s time to get ready for the great waves of the Times of Trouble.  They are upon us.

Proverbs 18:10 tells us “ The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runs into it, and they are safe.”



Crying Out in Unison – Rick Joyner’s Message

I rarely post someone else’s message, but I’m going to make an exception with this one.  The following message is authored by the pastor at Rick Joyner’s Moravian Falls church in North Carolina.  I’m posting it here, in my blog because I believe it’s for all of us.  I’m not the only one who cries out for the church to be ready.  Those who are listening, cry out in unison with the Spirit of God for the Church.

Please read this post and take it to heart.  The time to get ready is NOW!




This past Sunday (Feb. 13th) at HIM in Fort Mill, Rick again encouraged the congregation to do what they could to have at least a 3 week up to 3 months supply of food on hand. In addition, and more urgently, we must have some idea on how to obtain drinkable water. Given the instability both nationally and internationally, Rick strongly believes that although we must not give in to a spirit of fear, it is wise and prudent to store food as an emergency back up.

We have also stressed this on a number of occasions and I again encourage each family to do whatever they feel is wise and out of their own obedience to the Lord.  Remember Noah, being divinely warned of things that had not yet occurred, prepared and built the ark.   As a result of Noah’s obedience, he and his household were saved.   I also agree that fear has no place among believers, however, like Noah, it takes far more faith to be prepared than to do nothing.

Stored food does not have to be wasted but can be easily used and replaced on an ongoing basis.  Regarding water, there are some simple solutions that we will be sharing with the congregation in the coming weeks.

On another note, we know it is easy to get out of the habit of attending church and we also don’t want attending our meetings to be just another religious tradition. However, there is a reason we are exhorted in Hebrews 10:25, when it states,“not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.  ” In other words, in the times we are living we should be drawing closer together and we should become more connected because we need each other!  It was Noah and his ‘family’ who were saved.   Yes, we attend corporate meetings to worship and hear the Word and share what God has done for us, but it is also to be connected with family!  The Scriptures confirm that He sets the solitary in families.  That is a lot of what church is all about.  It is vital to be properly connected in the days that are to come.

These are incredible times to belong to the One who rules and reigns over all.   It’s not a time to fear, but to rise up in faith.  The greatest days to be a Christian living on the earth are in front of us.

If anyone needs some tips on how to begin storing food, please let us know.

David White

Pastor – MorningStar Fellowship Church Wilkesboro/Moravian Falls


Now, more than ever before, we need to pay attention to the prophets!

Do not hesitate – act now.

We have offered everything you need to survive in Times of Trouble for a reason.

THIS is the reason.  NOW is the time.