Philip Cameron Speaks Miracles On Grace Street

When Philip Cameron comes to the lectern and starts by saying “my God specializes in things that people say are impossible” you know you’re about to have a special time in the pretense of the Lord.

Philip shared with Jim Bakker Show partners and friends that we cannot forget “God’s permanent address is Wit’s End Corner.  God starts when you have come to the end of yourself.”  He reminded everyone that we need to surrender to God at the beginning rather than try to do things under our own power because His way is always better, higher and provided for before we even know there is an issue.

Philip made a statement that shocked some in attendance when he said that America is the most spoiled country in the world.  However, he explained the reason is that Americans don’t appreciate the blessings that God has poured out upon them.  Philip said that unthankfulness is a sign of the times and that a church becomes unthankful because they lose their fire.

“The church is not on fire because it doesn’t have a vision anymore,” he said.

He went on to share about Stella’s Voice and their home in Moldova that had a neighbor who was doing all she could to undermine the world of the Lord.  She would stand on her porch and curse at the girls and file repeated lawsuits to try and shut the home.

“But God,” Philip said, “can take your greatest opposition and turn it into an incredible opportunity.”

The woman came to Philip and the staff of Stella’s Voice and said she hated them.  Then she asked them to buy her home at a reasonable price so she could get away from them.

And at the very same time, Stella’s Voice was looking for a home for girls who have graduated school but needed a place to go while they get a job and start a career.  The Lord provided a huge open door!