Haiti’s leader has left Port-au-Prince as Gangs wreak havoc attacking key institutions


Important Takeaways:

  • Haiti violence sees police ‘attacked with machetes’ as gangs wreak havoc in Port-au-Prince
  • Describing the violence in the country, a journalist on the ground told Daily Express US that cannibalism has been witnessed on the streets as the violence reaches “unprecedented” levels.
  • Speaking anonymously, they said: “Haiti is living in a total chaotic situation right now. It is total chaos everywhere, especially in the capital where I am right now.
  • “Haiti has a leader, Prime Minister Ariel Henry, but he is not inside the country right now. In the meantime, you have gangs waging full attacks on key institutions.
  • “You also have attacks on police stations. On February 28 a police station was attacked. The officers were in there for three hours crying for help, and after that, we saw images of officers being cut by machetes being shared on social media.
  • “The gangs are heavily armed with guns from the US, but they are also equipped with high-level technology like drones.
  • “The level of violence is unprecedented. The gangs seemingly want to kill as many people as they can. They are in a fear campaign where they want to appear as murderous and as violent as possible.”
  • He continued: “For instance, we have seen images of gang leaders eating people they have killed. We have seen images of people being tortured when they are kidnapped.
  • “It is senseless. The goal here is not just to ensue fear, but to paralyze people mentally. This is a message that Haiti is under the total control of gangs.”
  • Henry is an unpopular acting Prime Minister of Haiti who has been criticized for failing to quell the gangs. He was never elected into his role and is now losing the trust of the country’s population.
  • He left the country last week, and his whereabouts remain unclear

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Satanist Sentenced To Life For Killing, Eating Woman

Gregory Hale, a self-proclaimed Satanist will spend the rest of his life behind bars after pleading guilty in the decapitation and cannibalism death of a Tennessee woman.

‘He told investigators that he fulfilled an obsession in wanting to kill a person and dismembering them,’ Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott told Circuit Court Judge Craig Johnson Thursday.

Hale said that he found the victim, Lisa Marie Hyder, at a liquor store and killed her after having sex with her. Hyder reportedly had struggled with alcoholism for years and had called family members and her ex-husband for help earlier that day because she was inebriated.

Police discovered human remains at Hale’s home and then found the body of Hyder in various buckets around Hale’s home.

Hale has a track record of bizarre behavior connected to his worship of Satan.  His Facebook page has images of him in satanic worship including dismemberment using a large steel blade.  He had been fired from a job at a meat packing plant for stealing animal’s body parts.

Hyder’s ex-husband says their 6-year-old and 4-year-old really don’t understand what happened and so he told them their mother “got sick and has gone home to live with God.”sa

Drug-Fueled Violence Grips Miami

A warning has been issued by Miami area police departments about violent homeless men after one threatened to eat two officers.

The man was taken into custody in North Miami Beach after entering a restaurant and yelling at the staff and patrons. Once in the police car, he repeatedly slammed his head against the barrier between the front and back seat screaming he was going to eat the officers.  Continue reading