White House said it will hold Iran accountable for targeting US troops deployed in the Middle East

USS-Gerald-R.-Ford The Pentagon has dispatched the USS Gerald R. Ford (pictured) and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to the region

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Important Takeaways:

  • American troops in the Middle East targeted for the 25TH TIME: Iraq base hit by drone strike hours after White House said its holding Iran ‘accountable’
  • S. forces deployed to the Middle East have been targeted for the 25th time since the Hamas attack on Israel October 7, amid fears of a widening conflict.
  • The attack came as two armed drones targeted the Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq, which U.S. and international forces use in western Iraq to go after remnants of ISIS.
  • It follows repeated attacks on U.S. forces in the region, and came on a day Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quoted the Old Testament and declared ‘this is a time for war,’ rejecting calls for a cease fire. Israeli Defense Forces have been pounding Gaza, and Israeli forces have also begun operations inside Gaza as part of their effort to root out Hamas following the terror attacks earlier this month.
  • The attack is the 25th on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria since Oct. 17th – which prompted the U.S. to unleash airstrikes on targets inside eastern Syria used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) last week.
  • ‘I think we proved pretty clearly last night that we’re holding Iran accountable,’ White House national security spokesman John Kirby said Friday.

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