Riots across France continue as 1 million protest nationally

Important Takeaways:

  • Chaos in France as police fire tear gas at protesters and baton-charge crowds in Paris where ‘800,000’ marched against pension reforms – and Bordeaux town hall goes up in flames amid riots
  • As nationwide demonstrations enter their ninth night, striking images showed huge a huge blaze erupting in the western city of Bordeaux.
  • Five thousand police officers were on the streets of Paris today for protests
  • A record number marched through Paris with over 1 million protesting nationally
  • Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that across France, 149 members of the security forces had been injured and at least 172 people arrested, including 72 in Paris.
  • A demonstrator explained why they were protesting: ‘I oppose this reform and I really oppose the fact that democracy no longer means anything.’

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