Moscow threatens to shoot down French military aircraft doing patrols over black sea

E-3F_Sentry_French_Air_Force Wikimedia Commons

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Important Takeaways:

  • France Says Russia Threatened to Shoot Down Its Military Aircraft
  • Russian forces threatened to shoot down French flights patrolling last month in international airspace over the Black Sea, signals of increasingly aggressive behavior from Moscow as its invasion of Ukraine struggles to make headway, France’s defense minister said Thursday.
  • French flights include long-range patrols by its AWACS surveillance aircraft. Flying high above the Black Sea coast, they use their powerful radar and other surveillance gear to peer across to the Crimean Peninsula that was seized from Ukraine by Russia and annexed in 2014. The surveillance flights can spot missile launches, airborne bombing runs and other military activity in the Ukraine conflict.
  • Russian pilots have at times made clear that they don´t like being watched.

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