Hezbollah leader says his forces will not stop fighting and are sending new weapons to the battlefield

Lebanon-Israel-Palestinians Supporters of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group raise their fists in salute as they listen to a speech by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah via video link, during a ceremony marking the "Hezbollah Martyr Day," in the southern Beirut suburb of Dahiyeh, Lebanon, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)ASSOCIATED PRESS

Psalms 83: 1-5 O God, do not keep silence; do not hold your peace or be still, O God! 2 For behold, your enemies make an uproar; those who hate you have raised their heads. 3 They lay crafty plans against your people; they consult together against your treasured ones. 4 They say, “Come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!” 5 For they conspire with one accord; against you they make a covenant

Important Takeaways:

  • Hezbollah says it is introducing new weapons in ongoing battles with Israeli troops
  • The leader of Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group said Saturday his fighters have introduced new weapons, including a missile with a heavy warhead in the ongoing fighting along the Lebanon-Israel border, adding that they will keep using the tense frontier to pressure Israel.
  • Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah also blasted the United States over the Israel-Hamas war, saying it is the only country that can stop Israel’s wide offensive on the Gaza Strip but doesn’t do so. He said attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria, that Washington says have reached more than 40 rockets and suicide drone attacks, will continue until the war in Gaza comes to an end.
  • Nasrallah’s comments came as the situation along Lebanon’s southern border continues to escalate. Hezbollah on Friday attacked northern Israel with three suicide drones after an Israeli strike in central Syria killed seven Hezbollah fighters.
  • Hezbollah officials say that by attacking Israeli posts along the border, the Iran-backed group is keeping three Israeli army divisions busy at a time when Israeli troops are pushing into the Gaza Strip where more than 11,000 people have been killed over the past five weeks, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry.

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