Former State Department official says Biden administration is watering down Immigration Restrictions against Terrorist organizations

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps / Getty Images
  • The Biden Admin Just Made It Easier for Terrorists To Enter the United States
  • The Biden administration altered federal law to make it easier for individuals who have worked with designated terrorist groups to legally enter the United States.
  • Examples of individuals who would fall into the new category, according to the announcement, include individuals who provided “humanitarian assistance” or “routine commercial transactions” to terror groups.
  • Lawmakers and former U.S. officials say the new regulations are so broadly written that they would apply to organizations like al Qaeda and the IRGC. The policy change is also raising red flags as U.S. officials, including former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, face credible death threats from Iran.
  • Gabriel Noronha, a State Department special adviser for Iran during the Trump administration, said “this looks like a massive watering down of our immigration restrictions against members of terrorist organizations.”
  • When the Free Beacon requested additional information and an explanation as to why the IRGC or similar groups would not be covered by the changes, the State Department declined to answer, saying, “We have no further information or comments to share.” This lack of clarity is fueling concerns about the policy change.

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