Biden Empowering an international compliance committee by giving authority to WHO

Revelation 13:7 “Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation”

Important Takeaways:

  • Is Joe Biden About to Give the World Health Organization Authority Over the US Government?
  • The World Health Organization’s 75th World Health Assembly meets in Geneva, Switzerland May 22-28 to vote on amendments from the Biden administration to the WHO’s International Health Regulations
  • The 13 pages of amendments certainly look as if they grant the WHO the right to tell the U.S. what to do in a pandemic.
  • They appear to allow the WHO to declare a pandemic emergency in the United States, require the US to report to an international “Compliance Committee” on whether it was obeying WHO directives, and would create an enforcement mechanism to essentially punish nations that don’t do what the WHO says.
  • Travis Weber, vice president for Policy and Government Affairs at the Family Research Council says even if the International Health Regulations had the force of a treaty, the U.S. Constitution would have the final say and not the WHO.

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