Barna Research shows perspective of American Public and who’s responsible for meaningful change

Responsible for Change Chart
  • Does a Divided Public Look to Pastors for Guidance?
  • Who do Americans believe is responsible for creating meaningful change in our country?
  • U.S. Adults Largely Point to the Government to Make Things Right
    • None religious say National Gov. by 52%
    • Practicing Christians say National Gov. by 49%
    • Also Practicing Christians say the Church by 48%
  • When thinking specifically about who can enact change, Americans are most likely to say this is up to individuals (48%)
  • In fact, the majority of U.S. adults (70%) says yes, Christian pastors are still seen—either somewhat or entirely—as a good resource to consult when thinking about the topics that matter most to them.
  • Political division is one of the main reasons pastors say they’ve considered quitting ministry in the past year. Learn more here.
  • One in five U.S. adults says the 2020 election had a negative impact on a close relationship.
  • While pastors have named political division as a main stressor over the past year—even leading some pastors to consider quitting full-time ministry—those in the pews are looking to their church leaders right now, not only to help them learn how to better dialogue about political issues, but also to advocate for those same issues to elected officials.

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