2015 Word of the Lord

Seeking the Lord for a word for the new year is always a very serious pursuit and this year is even more crucial as we see the “red lights of prophecy” flashing all around us and God’s plan unfolding at breakneck speed. The Lord began to speak to me while we were in Israel, and the word that I give to you I sincerely pray will resonate with your spirit and cause you to be more prepared for these times we see looming on the horizon. Remember that in the midst of all the turmoil there is a promise of His Return and that is cause for great rejoicing!

The Year of the Farm

As our world becomes increasingly unsure, there will be few things that will be as vital as having the ability to grow your own food. This is true for everyone, everywhere, and God is orchestrating these centers for survival in strategic locations across the country.

For us here at Morningside, it’s a mandate given by God to be a City of Refuge envisioned and written about in my books. A central and essential part of that refuge is the farm. It’s not just a good idea, it’s a God idea!

This year, we are believing God for the miracle of the Morningside farm. It has always been in my heart to have a place of safety, survival, health, teaching, preaching and fellowship in the End Times. I believe it’s time to finish the vision and we can do it with your help. Now is the time!

Be Watchful of these Nations

When the Lord gave me the “31 Things” back in 1999, I knew that most of the things on my list were for a future time. I can’t say this with enough emphasis: now is that time!

It is time to watch Turkey, North Korea, China, the Middle East and especially Russia. Turkey is not a friend to Israel. This will be an event filled year for Russia. North Korea has nuclear power and an EMP could destroy the U.S. with one blow.

Beware of the Wounded Bear

A wild animal doesn’t have much to lose and a wounded bear is going to be very dangerous to the U.S. and the Holy Land. God is saying, “Russia has been very quiet but they’re about to make some noise.”

The economy of Russia is crashing. There is nothing like a wounded bear who has nothing to lose and Russia may have its own Sampson option. Because of their economy crashing, they will take over other territories to try to prop up their own.

Keep Your Hands Off Israel

I have often said that if you want to understand future prophetic events, you need to know how God feels about Israel. Watch Jerusalem, it is the City of Truth and the Mountain of the Lord. (Zech. 8:1)

God says, “Take your hands off My country (Israel). Don’t touch them!” God further explained, “There will be upgraded warfare and attacks against the Rabbis. Warn the synagogues to increase their security!”

I saw massive armies of angels in a vision, with enormous shields going out to do warfare on Israel’s behalf. We are entering one of the most important times in human history in these last days.

If the world thinks they can use Israel as a political football, they have another thing coming! God will be God and watch over His people, the Jews. We better not have anything to do with dividing Israel for the sons of Ishmael. God made that determination many years ago.

A lot of the prophets have been talking about the New Madrid fault. John Kilpatrick says that once we really push Israel to divide its land, God will divide this nation.

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  1. BRO Jim time is speeding up it is eccelerating as we come to the end of the age people please get ready thing are gonna happen quicker and suddenly no time to play around anymore repent and know that Jesus Is Lord prepare to meet you’re God ! abba Father !

  2. Thanks Jim for bringing Joel Richardson on your program… I can’t wait to hear more… I wanted to say though, before I hear Mr Richardson that from what I have studied in the Bible, KJV that from the beginning, Gen. to Rev, the enemy of our LORD is Satan… he is the true anti-christ, and he won’t be of flesh but we will be able to see him as Christ saw him and as Adam and Eve saw him in the Garden. Matt 24 says that there are many anti-christ in the world but the true one is Satan himself. Jesus said it, God Almighty said it, John of Rev said it, so I will listen and be ready to learn more but I do know Satan is the one who be in the final fight against Jesus, who we know in Rev, be coming back to end this evil once and for all.

  3. Dear Jim,

    What were you trying to tell us on yesterdays’s telecast. You feared repercussions if you shared it with the viewers. you said we would “throw up” and run out!?

    I record every show and never miss a one. You are so informative.

    Also what is the latest with “Laurie’s House. Judith

      • Hi I believe in what you wrote Rhonda. We live in Canada and to buy food from Missouri the cost for shipping is at least $40.00 so most Canadians would not have the buckets but I sincerely believe as we are born again Christians and put God first in our lives He will provide and send us what we need like he did many times before. We are his children and as a Father He will protect and provide for us. Don’t think that I’m against the food people can buy at Jim Bakers because a TV show like this needs money to pay for air time and that’s a good way to pay for air time and other expenses to offer the food buckets. Praise God!

  4. Pastor Jim, Thank you for this word and reinforcing the urgency of spreading the gospel.

    The Lord keeps bringing to my heart these scriptures:

    Luke 21:14 “Resolve and settle it in your minds not to meditate and prepare beforehand how you are to make your defense and how you will answer…. 19 By standing firm, you will win your souls.

    John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled (distressed, agitated). You believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely on God; believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely also on Me.”

    I live in Santa Maria, CA. About 25 years ago, a word of the Lord was spoken over our city as a “City of Refuge”, too. We are an agricultural city on the Central Coast of CA and its beautiful! We grow the most beautifully huge strawberries! 🙂

    I know we are to be prudent and prepare for emergencies. However, I am finding it very difficult to get my husband on board with 3 years of food for our little family. Yet, we have a pantry and water storage tank and propane tanks ready and still getting ready for a short time (like 3-4 months). We don’t have access to a well or river (and we’re in drought).

    The Lord has been hearing my heart of concern for this. So, I know I was intended to hear a message from another prophet who spoke at the Lancaster Prophetic Conference (2014) when he said the Church of America needs to go through this time of testing of our faith. It’s a hard pill to swallow (for me at least).

    His message was not of preparing physically as much as it was prepare spiritually and “God WILL provide”. He explained “as in the days of Noah” — the Lord provided for Noah and all 8 of his household and ALL the animals on the ark. Noah did not know he would be on the boat for 150 days! There is no way he could prepare enough provisions for that amount of time! First of all, there would have been no room.

    Lot was ready to sacrifice his 2 daughters to protect the “strangers” who he knew were from God. God remembered his spirit of hospitality and willingness to sacrifice.

    I truly believe that God will provide and multiply provisions for His Church miraculously during the tribulation days!! I have to believe it.

    Even as He did for the widow and her son – because she gave sacrificially. God remembered her and supplied her enough until the rains came – which was 3 1/2 years!!!

    That is a word for the Church – prepare to give sacrificially, prepare to trust the Lord for supernatural provision for all of our needs, prepare to go THRU the FIRE like the 3 Hebrew boys who stood their ground saying:
    “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God whom we serve is able to save us. He will rescue us from your power, Your Majesty. But EVEN IF HE DOES NOT, we want to make it clear to you, Your Majesty, that we will never serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have set up.” (Dan.3:16-18)

    … EVEN IF HE DOES NOT… He is STILL our Might God and Savior and we will NOT BOW.

    The Lord is preparing His Church in ALL ways!! I’m so excited to be living in this generation that will see Jesus so very, very soon!

    ~ Rhonda

  5. Jim, I wonder if you have noticed the first cow with a 7 speaking of good times goes all the way down its face. The 2nd cow speaking of the coming woes the 7 is very short, like cut in half. I thought you and John Shorey might like to comment on this. Be blessed

  6. In these last days, our concern is not for ourselves, but, for others. There are those who say, God will provide and I agree, God will supply, but how will He supply? Through those who are prepared to be used as a supply depot for the ones who are not prepared. As for me and our household, we want to be used to be a supplier rather than one who needs to be supplied. Either way, God get’s the Glory.
    Keep preparing the hearts of people with the Word and with down to earth practical ways of preparedness.

  7. Dear Pastor Jim, I watch you everyday– I especially feel an urgency in my spirit, like you do: to prepare. But we have to locate and gather together with like minded believers– geographically. I am in Dallas , Texas and I have a wonderful Pentecostal church– but we still need to do more– -. Thank you for your words from the Lord.

  8. Pastor Jim,

    May I humbly THANK the Lord for continuing to “use” you to give us “words of warning” to America and to the Church……..

    And thus, please allow for me to particularly elaborate – just a LITTLE bit more – on these same warnings, and REVEAL a very subtle hidden connection, dealing with the issue of “farming” with THAT of Communist China – two seemingly unrelated subject matters, but indeed are so!

    That is, the upcoming “Economic Crash” will put America back into an “agrarian society” – as opposed to her now being a highly technologically-advanced industrialized society; as she once was, before the Industrial Revolution of the early 1800’s. As you well know, America used to be the “Industrial Powerhouse of the World”. But……NO LONGER!! With nearly ALL of our major industries and factories having gone over to China (and to other low-wage countries), we Americans are now FORCED to have to “depend on” these very SAME countries for nearly ALL of our consumer items or technological commodities. This is part of the Judgment of God!!

    According to the blessings listed in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26, it is safe for Christians (or even Jews) to consider “America” as having received some (or even most) of these same “blessings” by God; and with me speaking particularly on God making America “on top of the world”, as stated in Deuteronomy 28:13 AND Leviticus 26:6-8. And Communist China was, as first, at the “BOTTOM”, along with many other nations around the world.

    But NOW, with America reaping the “curses” for sin, she is rapidly falling behind China; with the REVERSE case now having become an undeniable REALITY; that is, with America, at first, being THE “Industrial Powerhouse of the World”, while China was still, basically, an “agrarian” society like so many other Third World nations. And now, with God bestowing upon America the “curses” of Deuteronomy and Leviticus; that accordingly, our country’s ECONOMY is rapidly becoming more “agrarian” in nature; while China herself, by God’s doing, has already become what America at FIRST was; that is, with China NO LONGER being an “agrarian” society – but NOW having become the new “Industrial Powerhouse Of The World”.

    And getting back to the topic of “farming”; that accordingly, for those of us Christians who live in the city, such as myself, without the benefit of owning any private farm land???…………………..

    God HELP US!!!

    So, Pastor Jim, speaking on “farming” itself, you can also read what Deuteronomy 28 AND Leviticus 26 have to say, about God warning Israel on the “curse” of famine – if she turns her back on the Lord. But this same “curse” of famine – like many other curses – applies ONLY to those members of the Human Race who REFUSE to repent, and turn their hearts over to God.

    But whether we are “in the city” OR “out in the country”, I have NO DOUBT in my mind, Pastor Jim, that the Lord will indeed provide – even it times of famine [as Kind David testifies, in Psalm 37:19]!! And yes, that does indeed also include us having to STILL “prepare” ahead of time, anyway, for the Economic Collapse. I don’t want to DIMINISH the importance of having to PREPARE for ourselves; while, at the same time, though; understanding that we will still “NEED” God anyway, when there’s any kind of DEFICIT of items stored that we forgot about, or “ran out” of. We are to indeed “prepare” – AND “depend” – on the Lord, AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    Pastor Jim, thanks again! I love you so! I’ll continue to pray for you, Lori, your kids, and your entire ministry.

    Yours forever in Christ Jesus,
    Brother Charles Reece

    [PS: Tell Diana B that I’ve been told many times that I can be “long-winded” – and sometimes very provocative in my speech; and thus, I’ve had to learn the “art” of self-censorship on your blogs (smile)].

  9. Jim
    We have a children’s home in Belize on 25 acres. Christian families are welcome and encouraged to help us with the children. We try and put them into a Christian Home.
    Rachel’s Children International.

  10. thank you for posting this. I am however a little bit curious about something and from watching your show. It is my understanding that during Shamitah year that we are not suppose to grow crops but yet I know you talk about it on the show and in the post. Could you please clarify this for me. thank you, Dana

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