Pastor Jack Hibbs says 2024 “Christians are on a mission and we’re in an all-out war”


Important Takeaways:

  • Pastor Jack Hibbs lists 5 things Christians will go to war over in 2024
  • In part one of the series, preached last month, Hibbs explained that his message was centered on “the war of 2024,” emphasizing that Christians “are on a mission and we are in a war.”
  • “I’m not talking about bombs, guns and missiles,” he clarified. “I’m talking about an all-out war on everything, from the spiritual realm, which is invisible, but certainly to the physical world, in which things manifest.”
  • “And this year of 2024 will be unlike any other year previously lived in your lifetime.”
  • Hibbs believes that, first of all, the war “will be against the truth,”… “When you tell somebody the actual truth, they don’t believe it,” he said. “It’s not that they’re being mean about it; it’s that ‘why should I believe that because I’ve just heard 10 other things.’”
  • The second thing that the war of 2024 will be centered on, according to Hibbs, will be a war “against the facts,” with the pastor defining facts as “the reporting of what is observed.”
    • “you are going to see deception fly like you’ve never seen it fly before. It’s going to be supersonic.”
  • The third thing that the war of 2024 will include is a war “against the faith,”… against the Christian faith specifically.
  • The fourth aspect of the war of 2024, according to Hibbs, is the war “against the Church,” noting that “the war has always been against the Church” and that “God loves His Church, we love each other, but the world is against us.”
  • The fifth and final aspect of the war of 2024 that Hibbs spoke about was that it would be “a war against marriage,”… the cheapening of marriage in modern society

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