Franklin Graham: Christians Are Being Bullied Into Silence

Rev. Franklin Graham says that atheist groups are attempting to “bully Christian into silence” after the Christian-targeting Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) demanded an Air Force general be courtmartialed for giving credit to God on the National Day of Prayer.

“Are Christians the only group of people who cannot identify themselves publicly in this country? Are we the only voices who cannot speak?” Graham asked in a Facebook post on Monday.

“I guess this group would’ve tried to court martial George Washington when he prayed at Valley Forge! Come on —whose civil liberties are really being infringed on here? They want to bully Christians into silence.”

The MRFF said that Maj. Gen. Craig Olson should be “aggressively and very visibly brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions” after crediting God for his success during a speech at the National Day of Prayer Task Force event May 7th.

“He put me in charge of failing programs worth billions of dollars. I have no ability to do that, no training to do that. God did that. He sent me to Iraq to negotiate foreign military sales deals through an Arabic interpreter. I have no ability to do that. I was not trained to do that. God did all of that,” Olson said.

The head of the MRFF said that airmen are not allowed to endorse a faith.

“Olson’s highly publicized, sectarian speech is nothing less than a brutal disgrace to the very uniform he was wearing and the solemn oath he took to support and defend the United States Constitution,” Mikey Weinstein wrote.

“This public address was his, and the USAF’s, ‘contribution’ to this scathingly sectarian 2015 version of the [task force’s] annual shame spectacle and display of Christian supremacy and exceptionalism held in the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill.

Graham said that Weinstein’s actions show “in America, there has recently grown an ugly, anti-Christian bias and intolerance that is changing our nation from the inside out, opening doors for all kinds of discrimination and loss of religious freedom that we hear about daily in the news.”

Virulent Anti-Christianist Confronted At Government Hearing

The man who founded an aggressive anti-Christian group was confronted by a Congressman during a recent hearing about his hate and bigotry toward Christians.

Representative Randy Forbes challenged Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation for statements that were made regarding the purpose of the MRFF and Weinstein’s views.

Weinstein initially tried to avoid questioning from Forbes when the Congressman brought up Weinstein’s quote that his group’s goal was to “lie down a withering field of fire and leave sucking chest wounds.”   Weinstein began to spew hate toward Christians before the Congressman cut him off and Weinstein confirmed he said it.

Congressman Forbes also challenged Weinstein on his bigoted statement that followers of Christ were “Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans.”

“I haven’t heard any people of faith calling atheists ‘monsters’ or saying they want to put sucking chest wounds in them,” Forbes said.

Weinstein is also notorious for comparing people of faith to rapists.

Groups Demand Religious Freedom At Air Force Academy

A petition demanding the Air Force Academy respect the religion freedom of Christian cadets has been sent to the Academy.

The Family Research Council and the American Family Association organized the movement after a series of decisions that basically eliminated the rights of Christian cadets to display their faith on the same level as those without any faith or of other faiths.

“I trust the Air Force Academy to train up the best young men and women our nation has to offer to be prepared to faithfully defend my family, my community and my country,” read the petition delivered to Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson.  “Part of that trust hinges upon the notion that the Academy would protect the religious freedom of the cadets we send it.”

The Academy has been keeping Christian students from expressing their faith because of actions taken by extremist anti-Christian Mikey Weinstein of the anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

“If cadets are taught to be afraid of Bible verses, how will they respond against terrorists who are willing to die for their cause?” continued the petition.  “Our U.S. Air Force Academy cadets should be taught how to intercept the enemy, not how to tiptoe around the hyper-sensitive complainants.”

Anti-Christian Group Drives Air Force To Remove Nativity

The anti-Christian group Military Religious Freedom Foundation has forced the Air Force to remove a nativity scene from Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.

The plastic nativity scene included traditional Christmas elements like Mary, Joseph, assorted animals and Baby Jesus. According to the MRFF, the site emotionally troubled some Airmen from the base.

The Air Force removed the display within hours of the anti-Christian group contacting the Pentagon.

Shaw Air Force Base’s public affairs office did not return calls to Fox News’ Todd Starnes for comment about why they removed the display. However, Fox News’ commentator Sarah Palin said the action was not surprising.

“We see stories like this every day and yet leftwing pundits still claim that the so-called ‘War on Christmas’ is a figment of the imagination,” Palin told Starnes. “The War on Christmas is just the top of the spear in a larger battle to marginalize expressions of faith and make true religious freedom a thing of the past.”

Anti-Chrsitian Group Gets Air Force To Remove Post “Offensive To Atheists”

The anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed a complaint with the Air Force over a posting from an Air Force chaplain examining the origin of the commonly known phrase “there is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole” claiming the post was an “anti-secular diatribe.” Continue reading

Anti-Christian Group Forces Removal of Inspirational Painting At Air Force Base

Mountain Home Air Force Base has an empty space on the dining hall wall after the anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation demanded its removal.

The MRFF said a painting of a soldier with the word “integrity” along with the inscription Matthew 5:9 was “repugnant” and an “overt display of Christian nationalism.” The head of the MRFF called the Air Force Friday morning demanding the painting be removed within one hour and the Air Force immediately removed it. Continue reading

Pentagon Seeks Advice on Religious Freedom from Group That Compares Evangelism to Rape

The Air Force is seeking recommendations on their official guide to religious tolerance from an anti-Christian group that said Christian evangelism is the same as rape and is advocating that any Christian in uniform who shares their faith should be court martialed.

Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said he and others from their organization met with Pentagon officials on April 23rd to discuss how they could stop a “tidal wave of fundamentalists.” Continue reading