Swarm of earthquakes on the Juan de Fuca Ridge


Important Takeaways:

  • Underwater volcano off northwestern US could BLOW in weeks – as 300m-long stretch is hit with ‘great swarm’ of earthquakes
  • Scientists have detected a ‘great swarm’ of earthquakes off the coast of Washington clocking as many as 200 in a single hour during one day.
  • Geologists at the University of Washington said the quakes could lead to the Juan de Fuca Ridge erupting within a few weeks or years – but the effects are believed to be mild and not likely impact anyone on land.
  • The underwater volcano sits more than 16,000 feet below the Pacific Ocean and about 150 miles off the coast of Washington.
  • On March 6, the group’s real-time monitoring network detected the earthquakes, which registered a 4.1 magnitude
  • The ‘great swarm’ of earthquakes followed multiple days of increasingly frequent quakes, according to Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), which is collecting the data for researchers to study.
  • The spike indicated a possible ‘impending magmatic rupture,’ the research group reported.
  • Officials at ONC have stressed that the effects will be mild and local, and that residents on land are extremely unlikely to feel the quake.
  • Nor is it likely to trigger tsunami activity, as a tsunami is set off by a different type of tectonic plate boundary movement: pushing together and slipping, rather than pulling apart.

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