Morningside Welcomes Kevin and Sam Sorbo, Writer, Director and Stars of “Let There Be Light”

Kevin and Sam Sorbo

By Kami Klein

On Tuesday, November 14th, The Jim Bakker Show will be hosting Kevin and Sam Sorbo on Grace Street. This talented couple will be promoting their new film, “Let There Be Light.” now in theaters. The movie is receiving rave reviews and is an amazing addition to Faith Based Movies that are now in high demand across the country..  

In “Let There Be Light” Kevin’s character, Dr. Sol Harkens, dedicates his life to the cause of atheism, after the tragedy of losing his son to cancer. As a best selling author and a celebrity debater, he has managed to parlay his attacks on Christianity into a very lucrative business.  He is not only anxious to share his disdain for God, but he also finds great joy and satisfaction in attacking his Christian opponents on the stage.  But even with all the fame and success, Sol is empty and distraught on the inside and his increasing reliance on alcohol to numb the pain is only making things worse.

When he has a devastating car accident Dr. Harkens undergoes a “near-death experience that brings every belief he had ever had into question.

With the support of his ex-wife Katy’s unwavering love and faith, and his own questions about what he may or may not have actually experienced, Sol struggles to find meaning and purpose in the words LET THERE BE LIGHT.

The movie was written by Sam Sorbo and stars not only herself but Kevin who directed the film and both of their sons, Braedon and Shane.  

Kevin Sorbo, has starred in dozens of movies throughout his career but is now best known for his role as Hercules throughout the late 1990’s and in the television series Andromeda. Recently he has dedicated his talents to Faith Based films that can be experienced by the entire family. He also starred in the movie “God’s Not Dead” which has been shown throughout the world.  

We are delighted that the Sorbos have been able to make time in their touring schedule for The Jim Bakker Show and hope you have a chance to make it to taping!  If you are unable to attend, please stay tuned for this remarkable show, which will be airing soon, as we discuss Hollywood and Christian values with this incredible couple!  

Taping will begin at 11 am on Grace Street at Morningside.  We hope to see you there!