Thrill-seekers venture to volcano for selfies despite warnings


Important Takeaways:

  • Iceland volcano eruption: Thrill-seekers defy danger warnings and venture to site of enormous blast despite bubbling lava and smoke being spewed into sky – as astonishing photo shows scores of cars queuing nearby
  • Thrill-seekers last night defied danger warnings and ventured near the site of a huge volcano eruption in Iceland – despite bubbling lava and smoke being spewed into the sky.
  • Astonishing pictures – including one of scores of cars queuing to get close to the area – show people trying to witness Mother Nature’s work first-hand.
  • The eruption began around 2.4 miles from the town of Grindavik just after 10pm on Monday at the Sundhjuka crater, on the Reykjanes peninsula.
  • It comes after a series of earthquakes forced thousands to be evacuated last month as the country declared a state of emergency and braced itself for the impending explosion.
  • Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson, a scientist who flew over the site on Tuesday morning onboard an coast guard research flight, told Icelandic broadcaster RUV that he estimates twice as much lava had already spewed than the entire monthlong eruption on the peninsula this summer.
  • Gudmundsson said the eruption was expected to continue decreasing in intensity but that scientists have no idea how long it could last. ‘It can be over in a week, or it could take quite a bit longer,’ he said.

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