Intelligence experts are eyeing high end brothels in Boston and DC targeting politicians, lawyers, scientists


Important Takeaways:

  • High-end sex ring in Boston and D.C. areas was ‘honeypot’ scheme by Russia, China, South Korea or even Israel – to ensnare US officials, intelligence experts believe
  • Intelligence experts are becoming increasingly convinced that six high end brothels in the suburbs of Boston and Washington, D.C. were set up by a foreign nation as an espionage ‘honeytrap’.
  • They believe the brothels – allegedly masterminded by a 41-year-old South Korean woman – targeted politicians, high ranking government officials and defense contractors.
  • But the mystery is which country was behind the scheme. Russia, China, Korea itself, or even Israel, are all seen as possibly being behind the scheme.
  • ‘Having the Koreans out front could have been a false flag to give China or another country plausible deniability if the plot unraveled,’ a one-time CIA senior operations officer told in an exclusive interview.
  • The brothels were raided in November and prosecutors said they were looking to charge 28 people in Massachusetts alone.
  • The ring’s clients, who paid rates of up to $600 an hour, included corporate executives, professors, lawyers, and scientists.
  • None of the clients have been identified or charged so far, but they could soon be unmasked after federal prosecutors last month announced they are seeking criminal charges.
  • Aspiring clients had to submit a membership application before they could book an appointment.
  • Required documentation included government-issued ID, phone and email contacts, employer information and credit card records, according to court records.
  • Bizarrely, numerous political, military and business officials provided it all without blinking an eye
  • The FBI rates the danger posed by Beijing’s influence operations to be so serious that it established a special unit dedicated to countering the threat in 2019.
  • In January of this year, Congressman Eric Swalwell lost his seat on the House Intelligence Committee due to reports that he developed a warm friendship with alleged Chinese intelligence operative Christine Fang in the mid-2010s.

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