Chinese linked to University of Delaware and Biden family


Important Takeaways:

  • Exclusive – Alex Marlow’s ‘Breaking Biden’: China-Linked University of Delaware Biden Partnership Was Hunter’s ‘Baby,’ Part of ‘Wealth Creation’ Strategy
  • While media reports have focused University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center, less attention has been paid to University of Delaware’s Biden Institute, even though these two “institutes” were opened on the same day and meant to serve a shared goal of being incubators of advancing globalism and leftism. The UPenn Biden Center became a pipeline for longtime Biden allies into his administration, and, as previously reported by Peter Schweizer, proceeded a suspicious influx in Chinese donations to the university.
  • Together with a Penn Biden office in DC, the two entities that would be the public-facing “stage” for the “Biden Brand.”
  • The key players at the University of Delaware’s Biden Institute were either Biden family members, people with deep ties to China, or both
  • This money from China is cause for alarm given that UD has thirty-seven international partnerships with Chinese universities, including several that support the development of Chinese military technologies. The most logical reasons for the Chinese to engage in these partnerships is that they want to influence American institutions, acquire American intellectual property, or both

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