Walgreens Employee Refuses To Print Bible Verses

Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

A woman who ordered two prints online of Bible verses for her Bible study from her local Walgreens was told she couldn’t print them because Bible verses violated copyright law.

After a clerk told Kelly Taylor that they would not print her order, she received an e-mail that told her to contact a photo team associate.  When she called the number, she was told that printing Scripture violated copyright law.

She was given prints of the Bible verses after Fox News obtained copies of the e-mails between Taylor and store officials and provided them to Walgreens’ corporate offices.

A Walgreens spokesman then sent a statement to Fox News that the employee who rejected the printing of the verses was not acting on behalf of the company.

He went on to say the employee may have had concerns that graphic designs behind the verses could fall under copyright protection and that the whole situation could be resolved by Taylor signing a waiver of copyright law.

Taylor said she hopes the incident will be a teachable moment for Walgreens and that in the future Christians won’t be denied the opportunity to print Scripture verses.

7 thoughts on “Walgreens Employee Refuses To Print Bible Verses

  1. I have written Bible studies for years. Are you aware that anything other than the Authorized King James Version is subject to copyright law? Walgreen’s certainly didn’t know what that law states. For example, my NKJV states on one of the fly leaves: “The text of the New King James Version may be quoted or reprinted without prior permission with the following qualifications: 1. up to and including 1,000 verses may be quoted in printed form as long as the verses quoted amount to less than 50% of the completed book of the Bible and make up less than 50% of the total work in which they are quoted; 2. all NKJV quotations must conform accurately to the NKJV text.

    Any use of the NKJV text must include proper acknowledgement as follows: Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

    However, when quotations from the NKJV text are used in church bulletins, orders of service, Sunday school lessons, church newsletters, and similar works in the course of religious instruction or services at a place of worship or other religious assembly, the following notice may be used at the end of the quotation: NKJV.

    So it would appear that the law is on the side of the woman wanting to have the Scriptures copied. Read up on copyright laws, Walgreens!

  2. Been with Walgreens for years. Now you all know that the employee was repeating what management told him. He had no vested interested, making $10 per hour, to take a stand like that. Me thinks I smell a rat when corporate backed away and left him swinging. I will look further into this and choose another drug store if these leanings prove to be corporate policy. Jesus is returning soon, but in the mean time let us all be caught purifying our hearts, preparing ourselves as His bride and standing with courage!

  3. I am 52 years old and I can remember back when I was young…like 10 or so…even high school and I NEVER EVER thought I would be living and witnessing this kind of horrible thing today. They can try to silence us ALL THEY WANT!!!! IT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN!!! Satan BITES!!! He will get his coming to him and ALL OF HIS minions soon enough….says the LORD GOD in many verses in the BIBLE! Wow….I also do not believe what corporate said either. Just another way to lie…..sigh. We Christians have to STICK TOGETHER! May GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU FELLOW CHRISTIANS AND ALL AT THE JIM BAKKER SHOW!!! ALWAYS!!! GOD AND CHRIST RULE….WE SHALL NEVER EVER FORGET OR DENY THAT!

  4. Companies/Talents/Artists/Singers/Dancers and so on…need to understand that all gifts we are granted even businesses are given to each of us (all different/variety) to “share” with the world. IF! again IF! this gift is not shared, “GOD’s” way, it will be taken away…loss of business; voice; strength; even blank minded-one-by-one; it will be lost; even homes, vehicles, belongings will be taken away if never appreciated, taken care of, used appropriately…it will be taken away…GOD’s way. We the people must remember the first laws are “God’s Ten Commandments” and we must follow through. Although these were removed from the court house, these “Ten Commandments” are still the laws of God and will NEVER be changed man’s way. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER omit GOD’s way.

  5. I will say but one thing~~~~~some way or another, NO ONE can defy when our life/lives are hidden in our lovely Christ Jesus!!!
    Nothing and may I repeat, NOTHING is impossible WITH GOD……

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