U.S. Navy locked in combat with shadowy, Iran-backed rebel group based in Yemen

US-War-Ship The U.S.-led campaign against Yemen’s Houthi rebels has turned into the most intense running sea battle the U.S. navy has faced since World War II. That’s what its leaders and experts have told The Associated Press, whose journalists visited U.S. ships off Yemen in recent days. Speaking from on board the USS Laboon, one of the guided-missile destroyers now taking part in the campaign, AP’s news director for the Gulf and Iran Jon Gambrell says the Iran-backed rebels are mounting near-daily attacks. (AP video by Bernat Armangue

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Important Takeaways:

  • The U.S.-led campaign against the Houthi rebels, overshadowed by the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip, has turned into the most intense running sea battle the Navy has faced since World War II
  • The combat pits the Navy’s mission to keep international waterways open against a group whose former arsenal of assault rifles and pickup trucks has grown into a seemingly inexhaustible supply of drones, missiles and other weaponry.
  • Near-daily attacks by the Houthis since November have seen more than 50 vessels clearly targeted
  • The Houthis say the attacks are aimed at stopping the war in Gaza and supporting the Palestinians, though it comes as they try to strengthen their position in Yemen.
  • All signs suggest the warfare will intensify — putting U.S. sailors, their allies and commercial vessels at more risk.
  • The U.S. has been indirectly trying to lower tensions with Iran, particularly after Tehran launched a massive drone-and-missile attack on Israel and now enriches uranium closer than ever to weapons-grade levels.

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