Turkey is seeking to change the demography of the island Cyprus through illegal immigration

The Republic of Cyprus, 36% of which is illegally occupied by Turkey, is increasingly struggling with a massive wave of illegal migration from Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. Migrants from Syria stand outside a kiosk in the village of Chlorakas, Cyprus, on January 31, 2022. Migrants now make up make up one-quarter the village's residents. (Photo by Christina Assi/AFP via Getty Images)

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Important Takeaways:

  • Cyprus’s ‘State of Emergency’: Turkey’s ‘Weaponization’ of Illegal Mass Migration
  • On September 11 of this year, the EU recognized the instrumentalization or “weaponization” of migration by Turkey….
  • The Cypriot government says that Turkey is orchestrating this illegal immigration crisis, as most migrants coming to Cyprus travel from Turkey. They reportedly fly from Istanbul or Ankara to the Turkish-occupied north of Cyprus, are then smuggled to the free, southern part of the Republic of Cyprus, and from there, under EU law, can apply for asylum.
  • In 1974, Turkey invaded the Republic of Cyprus and forcibly displaced the indigenous Greek Cypriots from the north in a violent ethnic cleansing campaign, accompanied by murders, rapes, forced disappearances and other atrocities.
  • Since then, Turkey has implemented policies meant to erase the Hellenic identity and civilization of occupied northern Cyprus.
  • “This year… We had 4,250 births so far, as opposed to 12,000 migrant arrivals.
  • “Turkey, which illegally occupies one third of our country, is exploiting immigration to change the demography of the island for political purposes.

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