Texas City Recycling Sewage For Drinking Water

Luke 21:11 There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

The city of Wichita Falls, Texas, is still in the middle of exceptional drought conditions and looking at a drastic measure to provide water to their residents.

The city is in the process of testing a plan that would take water from the city’s wastewater plant and pipe it directly to the water treatment plant.  The water would be given “extra cleaning” and then placed into the water system for consumption by residents.

The plan should put five million gallons of water into the system if everything works as planned and the system is approved by the state.  The city’s water usage, which has fallen from 50 million gallons of water a day to 12 million a day through conservation efforts, would need cut further without the additional water.

The city’s main water source for the town, Lake Arrowhead, is only at 27 percent capacity.  Boat docks in the lake are so far from the water’s edge that they stand 10 to 15 feet above water level.

Residents told CBS that while they’re not necessarily excited about the idea of using toilet water for drinking, but it’s better than not having any water.

One thought on “Texas City Recycling Sewage For Drinking Water

  1. But what about underground water? How far drilling down before reaching new water & condition of the water? Spending money to drill new wells & piping to different resurvior might be an option; even if a minor treatment to new water is needed?
    How about a real, big old true repentant prayer calling on our Heavenly Father to forgive us & have mercy on us and send us His rain. He’s answered my personal prays many times, to send me HIS rain over my lawn that turns HIS beautiful grass back to HIS color “green.” The grass belongs to Him, anyway. He has so much wealth & earthly sustenance to give us, but we don’t believe Him. Where is our faith?

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