Standard of Living in the US has taken a nose dive; fresh fruit has become a luxury item that many can’t afford

Impact-of-Inflation While economists did see inflation cool down the past months, non-profits in Orange County that serve the most vulnerable are still seeing a tremendous need. Hetty Chan reports for the NBC4 News on Jan. 10, 2023.

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Important Takeaways:

  • OC food banks see rise in demand following inflation
  • Despite a recent cooling of inflation, organizations in Orange County dedicated to serving the most vulnerable populations report a tremendous need.
  • Two prominent nonprofits in Orange County both agreed on the demand for affordable options. They are not only witnessing an increase in the number of families seeking assistance but are also encountering new families that have never sought help before.
  • In Orange County, one in every 12 people is facing food insecurity, according to reports.
  • “We are seeing a lot of new families who have never had to access these services before,” said Madelynn Hirneise, CEO of Families Forward.
  • Helena, an Irvine resident and mother of three, challenges stereotypes about the area’s affluence, sharing that it is becoming increasingly harder to stretch a dollar. “If you fill up the cart, that’s a lot of money, it’s like one week of pay check,” said Helena.
  • The nonprofit Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, which provides food for 400,000 people a month in Orange County, has seen a nearly 60 percent increase in demand since before the pandemic.
  • Items like milk, greens, and fresh fruits have become luxuries that many families can no longer afford. The struggle to maintain a decent standard of living has become a widespread concern.

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