School Votes Not To Restore Ten Commandments Plaque

Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

An Ohio school board has voted not to place a plaque of the Ten Commandments that was donated by the class of 1956 back in the high school.

The plaque was removed after a complaint from a parent who kept their identity hidden.

The Marion City School Board voted to “indefinitely loan” the plaque to the Marion County Historical Society for display so that it won’t be placed inside the high school.

The removal sparked outrage in the community.  Residents spoke up in favor of restoring the plaque within the school.

“It was a gift and it was a very nice gift, and I would like to see it stay,” 1956 graduate Bob McQuiston told those gathered, according to the Marion Star.

“I’m ashamed of Marion City Schools right now,” stated parent Sheri Cook.

“What’s so dangerous about the Ten Commandments?” resident Phillip Bates asked.

The board hid behind their legal counsel who said that they should not restore the plaque.

2 thoughts on “School Votes Not To Restore Ten Commandments Plaque

  1. I guess it’s OK to offend Christians, but not OK to offend athiests eventhough I believe there are more Christians in the United States than there are athiests. If I am wrong about my belief that there are more Christians, then GOD please help us all as the persecutions will only get worse here in the USA. In 2003
    when we went to war with Iraq, I had a dream that a great two edged sword fell to earth from heaven.This sword towered above all the trees and stood upright into the earth. At the handle of this sword, there was a circle and in the center of the circle there was a cross. I’ve been told that the sword also represents God’s judgement .Maybe it meant his judgement on America. A lot of the guests/prophets on the Jim Bakker Show seem to feel like judgement is coming soon for all the sins of this nation. We can only pray that the people wake up before it’s too late. May God help us all in Jesus name. Amen

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