Russian News Anchors laugh at the idea of nuking New York

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Important Takeaways:

  • Russian state TV hosts giggle uncontrollably as they discuss NUKING New York with one of Putin’s Satan 2 hypersonic missile
  • TV hosts on state-owned Russia-1 channel laughed as they spoke about striking New York City with nuclear weapon
  • It comes after Russia reported the first successful test launch of the Satan 2
  • On Russia-1, the anchor said: ‘We know right away where to send it via the North Pole or the South Pole. We only have one target.’
  • When asked about the size of the territory the Satan 2 would be able to destroy, the presenter said whilst laughing: ‘If 7.5 megatons will be delivered to the territory of our so-called partners – the word “partner” is very important – then objects like the city of New York, a good city but it would be gone.’
  • ‘Completely gone, with one rocket. Completely, I mean completely,’ the presenter said whilst smiling.
  • ‘So it’s better we don’t. Americans always feared our heavy rockets,’ he said, prompting laughter from those in the studio.

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