Putin warns of escalating war if UK sends ammunition containing depleted uranium

Revelations 6:3-4 “when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” 4 And out came another horse, bright red. Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another, and he was given a great sword.

Important Takeaways:

  • Putin says Russia will “respond accordingly” if Ukraine gets depleted uranium shells from U.K., claiming they have “nuclear component”
  • “[The U.K.] announced not only the supply of tanks to Ukraine, but also shells with depleted uranium,” Putin told reporters after talks at the Kremlin with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. “I would like to note that if all this happens, then Russia will have to respond accordingly … The collective West is already starting to use weapons with a nuclear component.”
  • Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a chemical weapons expert and former British Army officer, said Putin’s comments accusing the West of supplying Ukraine with “weapons with a nuclear component” were “absolutely bonkers” and “completely wrong,” noting that depleted uranium “cannot be used as a nuclear fuel or turned into a nuclear weapon.” He said Putin is trying “to persuade Xi to give him weapons and to terrify people in the West that he is planning to escalate to nuclear weapons.”
  • The United Nations Environment Program has described depleted uranium as a “chemically and radiologically toxic heavy metal.” Depleted uranium munitions were used in conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq, and were suspected of being a possible cause of “Gulf War syndrome,” a collection of debilitating symptoms suffered by veterans of the 1990-91 war.

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