Poland warns that Russia could attack NATO within the next 36 months

Military-in-Tanks Experts are warning that the war in Ukraine could spread across Europe (Image: Getty)

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Important Takeaways:

  • Poland issues shocking warning of upcoming Russian attack on NATO countries
  • Poland has warned of a shocking impending Russian attack on the West that could come within the next three years.
  • In an interview with Nasz Dziennik, the head of Poland’s national security agency, Jacek Siewiera, said that Russia could attack NATO countries within 36 months.
  • Siewiera argued Russia could attack Poland, Estonia, Romania, and Lithuania as they are on NATO’s eastern flank.
  • He said: “If we want to avoid war, NATO countries on the eastern flank should adopt a shorter, three-year time horizon to prepare for confrontation. This is the time when a potential must be created on the eastern flank that would be a clear signal deterring aggression. Therefore, it is necessary to further increase the number of Polish troops.”
  • This comes after German think tank German Council on Foreign Relations issued a warning that Europe needs to be on high alert to Russian escalation that could result in a direct attack. But their time frame was a little more optimistic.
  • They said in a statement: “With its imperial ambitions, Russia represents the greatest and most ­urgent threat to Nato countries.
  • “Once intensive fighting will have ended in Ukraine, the regime in Moscow may need as little as six to ten years to reconstitute its armed forces.

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