PLA ramping up activity near Taiwan

Map-PLA-near-Taiwan A map shows Chinese People’s Liberation Army movements near Taiwan from 6am on Wednesday to 6am yesterday. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of National Defense

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Important Takeaways:

  • Dozens of Chinese planes and ships around Taiwan, ministry reports
  • Dozens of Chinese warplanes and 10 navy ships were detected around Taiwan, the Ministry of National Defense said yesterday, after warning that Beijing was conducting air and sea drills in the western Pacific.
  • Ten Chinese naval vessels and 68 aircraft were detected near the nation between 6am on Wednesday and 6am yesterday, the ministry said in a statement.
  • Forty of the aircraft had crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and entered the southwest or southeast air defense identification zone (ADIZ), it said.
  • The Shandong, one of two operational aircraft carriers in the Chinese fleet, was detected on Monday about 110km southeast of Taiwan heading into the Pacific, the ministry said.
  • The Japanese Ministry of Defense also said on Wednesday that its navy had detected six ships — including frigates, destroyers, one fast combat support ship and the Shandong — sailing in waters about 650km south of Miyakojima Island.
  • It also confirmed that jets and helicopters had been detected taking off and landing on the Shandong.
  • Taipei this week said that China was stepping up “gray zone” activities around Taiwan, accusing Beijing of seeking to raise regional tensions and pressure the territory while avoiding all-out conflict.

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