NSA Used False Facebook Page To Plant Malware

II Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

The latest release from fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden shows that the National Security Agency used a website that looked almost identical to Facebook as a way to plant malware on computers.

The deception was part of a program codenamed TURBINE that would plant malware on computers allowing the NSA access to the computer’s microphone and camera without the user’s knowledge.

The report said that as many as 100,000 computers worldwide have been infected with the NSA’s spying software using the false Facebook page.

In addition to allowing video and audio surveillance of the computer user, the NSA would be able to track internet browsing history, login details and passwords for websites, keystrokes by the users and could corrupt files on the user’s system.

The report says the system is so sophisticated that many people will never be able to spot the fake website.

6 thoughts on “NSA Used False Facebook Page To Plant Malware

  1. If you don’t use your webcam often on your laptop just place a piece of black tape over the lens. Then go to your sound mixer settings and mute the microphone. May not work but it’s an extra measure you can take.

  2. I am wondering IF there is a possibility IF something is attached to Facebook site? Whenever I go to SHARE a post there seems to be something from preventing the top have of my letters from showing
    when I post a comment in the comment box. The is straight mark, something like an apostrophe just before what I am typing and just after what I typed, there in like a straight line like a coma. After a minute the letters look normal! It’s really weird….looks to me like someone is tracking everything that I type!! It only does this on my FaceBook acct! Could there be keystroke or some sort of Malware on my iMac? This is really scary for me and I have give serious thoughts of quitting FaceBook all together!! I would appreciate it if there is anyone out there that is having similar problems of this nature. Thank you ~ ~

  3. Well, then let us give them something good to spy on. Let’s not let them come into our private space and leave without hearing about our love for Jesus. After all, God hears every word we say anyhow, and all of them; though they aren’t always, should be words to give grace to the hearer. I’ll take that as a challenge. The new Apple computer our son gave us for Christmas has a camera, and I have wondered if we are alone. Mr. Snowden might just be a hero.

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