N.K. Leader oversees tactical Nuclear Drill ‘New type of ground to ground ballistic missile’

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Important Takeaways:

  • Korea says recent tests were ‘tactical nuclear’ drills, overseen by Kim
  • North Korean army units involved in “the operation of tactical nukes staged military drills from September 25 to October 9 in order to check and assess the war deterrent and nuclear counterattack capability,” the report said.
  • The report also said that North Korea’s October 4 missile launch, which flew over Japan and prompted rare evacuation warnings, involved a “new-type ground-to-ground intermediate-range ballistic missile”.
  • That test aimed to “send more powerful and clear warning to the enemies”.
  • North Korea’s claim its missile launches are a “response” to US-South Korea drills is part of a “familiar spiral dynamic” on the Korean peninsula, said US-based security analyst Ankit Panda.
  • “The North Koreans haven’t yet defined what exactly they consider to be a tactical nuclear weapon or mission… but we’re starting to see a picture that suggests any nuclear weapon they’d look to use early in a conflict can be defined as a ‘tactical’ capability,” he told AFP.
  • In addition to the array of “tactical nuclear” drills, North Korea said it had carried out “a large-scale combined air-attack drill”, which was also overseen by Kim.

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