Location of China’s Spy Balloon base located as Beijing refuses to talk with US after balloon was shot down

An F-22 Raptor fighter jet fired a single AIM-9X missile to take down a Chinese spy balloon and its payload, which was equipped with cameras, sensors and radars

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Important Takeaways:

  • REVEALED: China’s secret spy balloon base is located on remote and heavily militarized island – as Beijing officials ‘refuse to speak to US defense secretary after balloon was downed’
  • The Chinese spy balloon shot down over US airspace was one of ‘dozens’
  • The balloons are a ‘massive part’ of China’s elaborate espionage programs
  • Chinese officials have not spoken to US counterparts since the destruction
  • The report says that the Chinese military has previously sent balloons into the airspace of geopolitical rivals such as Japan, India and the Philippines.
  • The Pentagon earlier said that at least four other balloons were previously detected over US airspace, in Hawaii, Florida, Texas and Guam, three of those were during Donald Trump’s presidency.
  • One senior official told the Post that China’s airship program represents a ‘massive effort’ within the country’s espionage programs. The program is based of the Yulin Naval Base on Hainan Island on China’s southern coast.
  • Speaking about the advantages of using a balloon for spying reasons rather than more sophisticated technology, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Charlie ‘Tuna’ Moore said: ‘If you have a balloon that’s moving extremely slowly you have persistence that you can’t get from a satellite.’
  • Moore added that typically satellites only have seconds in order to take pictures of their targets.
  • This week, Biden officials held briefings in Washington and Beijing with foreign diplomats from 40 nations about the balloon.
  • The diplomats at the Beijing briefing said they were told that the solar panels on the balloon meant that it needed more power than a weather balloon, and that its flight path did not conform with natural wind patterns.
  • US officials have said the balloon was equipped with rudders and propellers.
  • White House and Pentagon officials have largely avoided providing any details on the balloon’s capabilities.

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