Jonathan Brentner discusses rereading Billy Grahams “Approaching Hoofbeats”


Important Takeaways:

  • ‘Approaching Hoofbeats’: The Signs We Saw Decades Ago Pale In Comparison To What We See Today
  • I purchased Billy Graham’s book, Approaching Hoofbeats, not long after its publication in 1983.
  • As I recently skimmed its chapters, the stark differences between then and now leaped off the pages. Some of the signs that four decades ago seemed so indicative of the nearing Rapture pale by comparison to all that we see today.
  • The Antichrist Rides
    • By 1983, I had heard of a group called the “trilateralists” who were pushing for a one-world government at the time. Today, however, the emerging framework for the type of world domination that we read about in the book of Revelation is front and center for everyone to see, yet so few are paying attention to the nearness of the time when the white horse will ride across the earth.
  • The Threat of Nuclear War
    • In Approaching Hoofbeats, Evangelist Billy Graham wrote about the threat of a devastating nuclear war, which was a major concern at the time. Today, however, this danger has reached the point where most analysts believe it’s likely to occur in the next few years.
    • Below is a quote from their latest press release under a section titled “The Many Dimensions of Nuclear Threat”:
    • A durable end to Russia’s war in Ukraine seems distant, and the use of nuclear weapons by Russia in that conflict remains a serious possibility. In February 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to “suspend” the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). In March, he announced the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. In June, Sergei Karaganov, an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, urged Moscow to consider launching limited nuclear strikes on Western Europe as a way to bring the war in Ukraine to a favorable conclusion.
  • Economic Peril
    • In 1983, the debt reached $1.377 trillion.
    • In January of this year, the national debt level of the United States reached $34 trillion, and by the end of the month, it stood at an astounding 34.1 trillion. With the announcement came the prediction that by March, this number would exceed $35 trillion.
    • The current debt level in America will surely bring economic catastrophe.

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