Iran General says they now have a hypersonic weapon to target air defense systems

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Important Takeaways:

  • Iran has built a hypersonic weapon that can fly five times the speed of sound, move in and out of the atmosphere and strike advanced anti-missile systems, Tehran claims
  • Iran has built a hypersonic ballistic missile, General Amirali Hajizadeh claimed
  • Weapon can travel at high speed and maneuver to avoid defenses, he said
  • Achievement is ‘generational leap’ in Iran’s missile technology, general bragged
  • Until now, only Russia was known to possess hypersonic technology. China is thought to have tested a similar weapon last year, while the US is also in testing.
  • North Korea has shown off what appear to be hypersonic missiles at military parades but it is unclear if the technology is functional. Iran had not publicly acknowledged working on such a weapon before now.

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