Introducing the new Fuel-Less Generator!

We are so pleased to be able to introduce a new revolutionary emergency power source. Our new Fuel-Less Generator is the one single innovation that we believe could answer more concerns than any other emergency preparedness item (except food and water) for the Revelation Days ahead.

Generators can be intimidating, loud, huge, heavy, and require the storage of fuel which is scary, limited, and expensive as well. When we discovered the Fuel-Less Generator, we knew it would be the perfect solution for many of our partners and friends.

More and more people are taking emergency preparedness seriously. We now understand that being prepared may mean the difference between unnecessary suffering and minor inconvenience. Part of that preparation is dealing with the interruption of your power source which could be caused by many natural disasters or other weather circumstances. If Katrina taught us one thing, it taught us that we should be prepared for anything at any time.

Can you imagine being in the dark and having your appliances (especially your refrigerator and freezer), and your phones, TVs, and computers not working? Well, with this new Fuel-Less Generator, you will still be able to generate 12 volt heat, cook using 12 volt appliances and keep your food refrigerated. You will be able to plug in your favorite lamp and keep your communication devices charged and operational and even watch television!

The Fuel-Less Generator is really is in a class all by itself of all-in-one portable power systems. For starters, it is a portable power pack that weighs only 40 pounds, and it’s completely silent! Most gas generators are very heavy and very noisy. You would also not be able to use a gas generator in an apartment or a condo, or anywhere that noise is a factor. But you can use this generator anywhere, even right next to your bed, without noise or any fumes whatsoever because it’s Fuel-Less and quiet!

It’s truly a whole new way of looking at emergency power. Use it to run most appliances, 12-volt heat sources and lights during an electrical outage. No gas. No fumes. No hassles. No noise.

The Fuel-Less Generator can power most of the essential items in your home ranging from lights and television to washing machines, freezers, and refrigerators on a rotation basis. Just think of being able to save your perishable foods in a power outage.  This Fuel-Less Generator is quiet, clean, and safe. Now that is something to celebrate! And, it is something to look at as an absolute necessity!

The Fuel-Less Generator has two 110 volt AC outlets, two 12 VDC outlets and four USB outlets which allow you to easily power whatever appliances you need without the need for any inverters or adapters.

Without any noise, gas or harmful emissions, the Fuel-Less Generator provides power on demand that is quiet and safe enough to use inside your home, car or even a tent when camping.

The Fuel-Less Generator‘s acid and lead-free battery pack can sit for a year without being charged, and it will only loose less that 5% of its power.  So it will store well in your closet or garage and always be ready to power your appliances or communication devices when you need them the most. There is no other generator like the Fuel-Less generator.  Other units have acid and lead batteries that if not kept charged and will burn out and are un-rechargeable.  Our Lithium battery will still be operational 20 years from now.

Also, you can charge this amazing generator with either a solar panel, which comes with it, or a hand crank that also comes with our generator – so it’s a stand-alone Lithium+ battery pack that needs no gas and it’s quiet! It doesn’t get any better than that! And yes, it will operate when other gas-fueled electrical and mechanical generators run out of fuel.

The Fuel-Less Generator has an integrated 15A smart-charger with Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) high efficiency charging, 1000 Watts Continuous / 2000 Watt peak 120VAC Output (Pure Sine Wave). It is dual fused for maximum overload and short circuit protection.

The Fuel-Less Generator is available in our “Sentinel Fuel-Less Generator Offer” which is the 600 Watt Fuel-Less Generator model which includes: one 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel, one twenty foot 12 VDC solar panel Extension Cord (this is useful for using your solar panel on your deck), one universal Cell Phone Charger with multiple adapters, one USB LED Light which provides light for your connections, and one Sunrise Club Card membership which entitles you to 10 free days of camping in our RV Park at Morningside or unlimited Wilderness Camping in Peaceful Valley!  All this for a love gift of just $1,700.00!  This is a savings over the retail value of over $1,000.00!

Also, we have a very special accessory gift offer for a love gift of just $50.00!  The “Fuel-Less Generator Accessories Bundle” is a very limited offer so act fast! This offer includes: one foldable tote cart for the Fuel Less Generator (80# capacity) , one 12 volt Warming Fleece Blanket, one USB Battery Charger w/batteries, and one twenty foot 12 VDC Extension Cord with cigarette lighter adapter.  You can add a 12 volt Cooking Pot that will cook your emergency food and even pops popcorn – for an additional love gift of $50.

The Fuel-Less Generator and Accessories Bundle Package have a total retail value of $2,775.00!  That’s a savings of over $1,000 for you!

Additional Foldable Solar Panels are available for a love gift of $350! Be sure to consider adding a 12 volt extension cord for this solar panel for just $25- plus shipping.

For further information and more options for these amazing Fuel-Less Generators, please visit the Love Gifts section of our website. Check back with us for low wattage devices that will complement the Fuel-Less Generator.


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    • Hi Darlene they are are available now and you can find more info here –>
      Thank you!

  1. Sorry: the electronics in this unit will also burn-up with an EMP over-surge! You need a Faraday cage to save all small electronics and all auto/trucks/planes and trains need to be modified! Solar collectors will all “fry” too!

    • Hi Harry, you can find some of our cooking options here—>
      Let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. I am very interested in the Fuel Less Generator. What would be the wholesale price?
    currently you are producing a new model soon. May I be informed about this new model? Thanks so much.

    • At this time the Fuel-Less Generator is not available through our ministry. We are currently waiting on a new shipment which can sometimes take months. We will make an announcement when they are available again.

    • At this time, the Fuel-Less Generator is out of stock. We are currently in the final stages of producing a new model that we hope to offer in the coming months. Keep checking for announcements regarding the new Fuel-Less Generator.

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