Illinois candidate warns of criminal reform bill being pushed

Orland Park Mayor and congressional candidate for Illinois’ 6th district Keith Pekau says the SAFE-T Act could create potential 'anarchy' in the state.
  • America’s ‘most dangerous’ law? Illinois candidate warns of ‘anarchy’ after criminal justice overhaul
  • New Illinois criminal justice reform bill may cause citizens to ‘take the law into their own hands,’ says congressional candidate
  • The Illinois Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today (SAFE-T) Act changes multiple parts of Illinois’ justice system with provisions like ending cash bail; limiting how flights determine whether defendants are flight risks; and allows defendants under electronic monitoring to leave home for 48 hours before they can be charged with escape.
  • The 764-page SAFE-T Act passed both chambers of Illinois’ legislature in seven hours with no formal hearings or debates and without input from stakeholders, three former Illinois justice system officials wrote in a Chicago Tribune op-ed.
  • Pekau told Fox News. “It was basically to allow criminals to go free.”
  • The reforms being passed around the country revolve around the idea that “the criminal shouldn’t be held” Pekau said.

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