Donald J. Trump sworn in as President and the Bakkers are there!

Jim and Lori Bakker in Washington DC for the Presidential Inaugural events Jim and Lori Bakker in Washington DC for the Presidential Inaugural events

By Kami Klein

As Donald J. Trump was sworn in and became the 45th President of the United States all of Morningside paused or at the very least, continued to work while peaking at the television, taking in the events. It has been a long road to get here and on election night we watched together as the impossible became possible.  So many of our guests on The Jim Bakker Show had prophesied a Trump Presidency.  This election was so important. After all, we have experienced our values and Christian faith attacked time and again over the last years. But God’s hand guided this election and we are watching the miracle come to fruition.

We are here, in our offices, listening to our new President tell us not to fear because “We are protected by God”.  When that was spoken the cheers could be heard echoing across the building.  It is such a relief to hear the leader of our country acknowledge God’s role here in the  United States of America!

Pastor Jim and Lori are there, live and in person, at the inauguration. Much to their surprise, they were invited to attend.  After great discussion, Pastor Jim decided that this was something that was very important and that he and Lori should participate. You, our viewers and supporters of this ministry worked incredibly hard during this election.  You prayed with Pastor, you listened to the facts that the entire staff worked diligently to collect. You heard the teachers and prophets and you not only went out and voted, you encouraged others to do so!  When President Elect Trump called Pastor a few weeks after the election, he called to thank YOU!  It was for this reason that the Bakkers decided it was important to represent all of us as our country looks to a new hope in leadership.

Jim And Lori Bakker at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Jim And Lori Bakker at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Yesterday, Pastor Jim and Lori attended the Washington, DC Prayer Service, hosted by Jim Garlow.  There, they prayed for our nation, for our Congress, and for our President.  Many of those who led prayer are friends of our ministry; Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Alveda King, Marcus Lamb and David Barton were among many who prayed with the attendees.   

This morning Jim and Lori attended the Presidential Inauguration Prayer Breakfast at the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C..  This breakfast was incredibly special as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was asked to speak.  His calm, loving presence always stirs the Holy Spirit.  Thousands of Christian leaders are in Washington D.C. to anoint the path that our new President will walk with praise to our Lord.

Tonight Jim and Lori will be attending one of the three inaugural Balls to celebrate!  We know this will be a remarkable experience and we are so eager to hear all about this amazing time in history seen from their perspective!  

Sharing in many of these events has been Dr. Lance Wallnau who is scheduled to appear next week, Wednesday, January 25th on Grace Street at Morningside.  We look forward to hearing all about the inaugural events and the coming together of Christian leadership as President Trump took office.  We hope you can join us, but if you are unable to be here for taping please look for these inspirational shows on your local station very soon!


Please continue to join us in prayer for our new President!  God Bless America!











6 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump sworn in as President and the Bakkers are there!

  1. we have been praying in a real leader of the American people for many years and my heart is filled with joy to know the father has heard our prayers and sent us a man of strong convictions and a heart for God ! Each And Every Day Lift Him Up In Your Prayers Christians Every where ! Prayers are the key to Gods heart. Sandra Phillips

  2. Dear Jim & Lori

    I am so happy that you were able to make it to Donald J. Trumps inauguration event! You mentioned last week that you were not sure if you would be able to attend, but I am so happy that you changed your mind. I was so grateful to hear Donald Trump quote a scripture verse during his inaugural speech! I thank God for both of you and your commitment to God and also thank God for our new president! We now need to continually pray for the Trump family, that God will protect him & his family, and give him the strength to fight the left. They will continue to delegitimize his presidency, and fight him at every turn.

    Patti Pacini

  3. I and my husband watched the Presidential Inauguration live. We both noted how all six prayers of each clergy covered all bases of issues concerning our country and Israel. My spirit was especially moved during the Rabbi’s prayer, something which I was not even anticipating. And, Jim, did you notice that our new President used phrases which coincidied with the “NOW” theme. The bold enouragement was heard!

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