Cyber Monday is coming Nov. 27th! It’s the Launch of our PTL Shop!

PTL Shop, Faith Based shopping PTL Shop, Faith Based shopping

By Kami Klein

On Cyber Monday, November 27th, millions of shoppers will be looking online for amazing gifts for friends and family.  We could not think of a better time to launch!  On Cyber Monday beginning at 10 am Central Time, we will be broadcasting live on our new website,, with online and on street specials here at Morningside!  There will be unbelievable deals and brand new, never before seen products that you will love!  

This Thanksgiving, after spending time celebrating and thanking God for our incredible blessings and our bellies are full, we will be busy filling the PTL shop website with incredible gifts to help you get your Christmas shopping list DONE the moment we launch!  There will be apparel and jewelry, Christian books and media, wonderful products for health and beauty, beautiful and useful products for your home and garden, and some brand new gizmos and gadgets you just have to see!  

If you have ever experienced an online shopping event here at Morningside, you understand that nobody knows what will happen next and this year promises to be the biggest event EVER!  So mark your calendars for Cyber Monday, November 27th at 10 am to go to and simply push the “Watch live” button to take you on a truly fun and bargain filled day of shopping!  

Remember to keep coming back for daily deals and incredible additions to the PTL Shop website and live events!  

All of us here at Morningside and The Jim Bakker Show as well as the amazing team behind wish you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with love!  We hope to see you soon, Monday, November 27th on!


2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday is coming Nov. 27th! It’s the Launch of our PTL Shop!

  1. I would love to buy my husband a hat like Jim wears with the cross on it!! Do You have those in your store? I would love a black one for him. He loves the way the hat looks..

  2. We pray for your country everyday and especially that your President will be kept safe along with his family. What a mess, with all that is said about him and now all this sexual stuff. Is God going to wait much longer before something else befalls us. Always enjoy your guests. We get you on Daystar 2 days a week, wish it was more but better than none. Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless you and your family and all families that work for you, wish we could buy more of your food but we have a big exchange Canadian to also pay for. – Blessings Sharon Hyde

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