China’s largest drone appears near Taiwan with 38 other aircraft

Chinese Warship

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Important Takeaways:

  • Chinese ‘scorpion’ combat drone circles Taiwan
  • Taiwan’s defense ministry said it detected 38 Chinese aircraft, including a TB-001 drone nicknamed the “twin-tailed scorpion”, around the island between 6am Thursday and 6am Friday.
  • The drone’s circling flight path took it across the median line — an unofficial boundary dividing the Taiwan Strait — to the island’s south before flying around its east coast and returning to China, a map released by the ministry
  • Local media said it was the first time Taiwan’s defense ministry had reported a Chinese military aircraft circling the island from one end of the median line to the other.
  • The TB-001 is one of the largest drones in China’s arsenal and boasts a flight range of 6,000 kilometers.

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