Bullied Teen Who Made YouTube Plea Commits Suicide

Matthew 19:18 ESV “And Jesus said, “You shall not murder…”

Exodus 20:16 ESV “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

A 15-year-old Canadian girl who posted a video plea on YouTube seeking help in her battle against cyber-bulling and stating she needed “somebody” killed herself Wednesday night in her home.

Amanda Todd had been fighting cyber-bulling since 7th grade. She was on an online video chat when someone flattered her into exposing herself. The person then captured the image and threatened to send it to her friends unless she “put on a show” for them. The person had her address, school and names of friends, family and school classmates.

The photos were sent to all of her friends and family anyway.

After cycling into depression, drugs and alcohol, a male friend took advantage of her need to feel loved and seduced her while his “girlfriend was out of town.” When the girlfriend returned to town, she and 15 others circled Amanda at school and severely beat her.

After crawling away to a ditch to hide, she was taken to a hospital. Upon returning home, she tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach.

The response of her tormentors was to post online that they wished she had died, post pictures of bleach and Clorox on Amanda’s social media sites and post pictures of her with captions like she wanted a “bleach cocktail!”

She changed schools multiple times and even moved to another city with her mother but the bullying continued online.

Amanda posted a YouTube video where she held up a series of handwritten note cards spelling out the horror of her life. They chronicled the way that her classmates, former friends and even perfect strangers slowly eroded her will to live.

Wednesday night, her will finally ran out.

5 thoughts on “Bullied Teen Who Made YouTube Plea Commits Suicide

  1. How sad. I cry for her. Where were her parents? An aunt, uncle, neighbor, teacher? We need to be involved and watch what’s going on around us! I would of had special home schooling for her. Why would someone send her back in a cesspool of vindictive immature kids? We need to love our kids more and do whatever we can to protect them! We live in a world that is lacking in love and empathy. Please parents, help your kids. Keep an eye on them. Do whatever you can so this doesn’t happen to your child!

  2. Our missions are to tell everyone, young and old, that Jesus Loves Them; is the One Who loves them Best of All. Be accessible, love them, pray with and for them, connect them to Christ Who is The One Who created them. He will move more mountains to save His Loves.

  3. I’m so sorry this happened. It just shows how insensative people have become in today’s world. I also was bullied in highschool lucky there was no internet at the time , I’m sure it would have been worse. Alot of it was just silly rumours from a few girls who did not like my big hair and make up but it was hurtful nevertheless when you are that young. I wanted so badly to fit in and have friends but ended up alone.

  4. i am very sorry that this kind of thing happened to this girl. and the bullying should stop how dare you bully a girl like that. that shows you dont care about other people. you need Jesus to help you not to hate people and bully them stop bullying people. how would you like to be bullied. just stop it. and be nice for a change. love connie

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