Another Container Ship loses power; APL Qingdao loses power near Verrazzano bridge near NYC

Qingdao The APL Qingdao, pictured 'just north' of the Verrazzano Bridge, lost its propulsion while crossing the Kill Van Kull waterway on Saturday

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Important Takeaways:

  • Container ship APL Qingdao loses power and slows to a halt near NYC’s Verrazzano Bridge 12 days after cargo vessel crash in Baltimore left six dead
  • A huge container ship lost power near New York City’s Verrazzano Bridge – less than two weeks after a cargo vessel crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.
  • The container ship APL Qingdao, which weighs a staggering 89,000 tons, lost propulsion around 8:30pm while travelling through New York harbor.
  • The APL Qingdao, registered in Malta, conked out as it crossed the Kill Van Kull waterway, a narrow shipping lane between Staten Island and Bayonne, New Jersey.
  • The Kill Van Kull is three miles long and it demarcates Newark Bay from Upper New York Bay. It is one of the area’s busiest waterways.
  • After the Qingdao’s power failure was observed, three tug boats rushed to its aid and sought to bring the gigantic shipping container under control.
  • A Coast Guard spokesperson told the New York Post that they received a report of the errant shipping container around 8:30 pm.
  • ‘Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service New York received a report from the M/V Qingdao around 8:30pm, Saturday, that the vessel had experienced a loss of propulsion in the Kill Van Kull waterway’.
  • The spokesperson added that the ‘vessel regained propulsion and was assisted to Stapleton Anchorage by tugs’.

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