Aftermath of Tonga U.N. official says 80% of population were affected by the recent eruption

Important Takeaways:

  • Tonga needs over $90 million to start repairs from volcano
  • A U.N. official says 80% of Tonga’s 105,000 people were affected by the undersea volcanic eruption and ensuing tsunami that lashed the Pacific island nation on Jan. 15
  • Cyclone season is still in full swing, and there are almost weekly earthquakes in the region, the latest a magnitude 5.0 quake only a few hours earlier just 47 kilometers (30 miles) from the capital,
  • 14 U.N. agencies and the international community are supporting Tonga’s relief and recovery efforts, providing almost 40 tons of water and sanitation supplies, reconnecting Tonga with the rest of the world through emergency telecommunications services and logistics, and providing food, school materials and psychological support.
  • The $90.4 million in estimated losses doesn’t take into account future losses from tourism, agriculture or commerce.

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