Who is on the Lord’s Side?

This was the question that Moses asked the people of Israel.  In those days, Moses stood as a type of Christ.  Exodus 32:26 says, “Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp and said, “Who is on the LORD’s side?”  Let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him.”

Moses issued that confrontation to the people of Israel, God’s people, who had turned to worshipping idols as they waited for Moses’ return.  Only the sons of Levi came forward to separate themselves from the idol worship.  Only a select few answered that call to repentance.

Today, the Lord is drawing the same line in the sand.  He is calling out to His People “Who is on My side?”  The seriousness of the days we live in demand a sobriety and attention to the things of God.  They demand a concentration and a fixed gaze.  These are Revelation Days that we’re living in.  It’s no ordinary time in history – it’s an appointed time for which we have been chosen.    

If there ever was a time to consider the things of God and understand that the enemy (the devil) is engaging us in a spiritual battle, it is NOW.  Yet, people go on about their business as if this time is common.  It’s not!  The Word of God speaks of these Revelation Days in order to alert us to be ready and to be on guard, because your adversary (the devil) still roams about, seeking whom he may devour.

The fact that there is another side is something that most people miss in today’s church environment.  Spiritual warfare is greatly ignored by those who teach and those who call themselves shepherds.  These are the Revelation Days and that means these are days of intensified spiritual warfare against principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness – yet most Christians deny the battle and continue as if that reality wasn’t genuine.  Spiritual warfare is a serious reality in the Revelation Days and the Lord is again issuing the call.

When we answer that call  and step over the line in the sand to the Lord’s side, we identify ourselves as those who belong to the family of the living God, we arm ourselves with the armor of God, and we stand ready to do battle with the enemy.  We are shaken out of our lethargy and we are able to focus on His priorities.  We are no longer distracted or nonchalant.  We are no longer concerned with silly things that try to capture our spiritual attention and strength.   We never, never, never give up!  We keep on going even when we’re tired. 

We are on the Lord’s side!

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