Visions of Morningside – The Journey to Morningside

After a long flight, with my head buried in my Bible, I made it to Dallas,TX!  After months of waiting, anxiety building to panic, I had gotten on that plane and I made it!

Grabbing my things, I ventured my way off the plane and there was my wonderful brother waiting for me.  I cannot tell you how good it was to see a familiar face! It was so good to see my blood, my kin.  We embraced and I probably hugged him just a little longer than I normally would have.  I was just so glad that I had made it! I was smelling that Texas air and I was with my family. My mind, body and spirit were calm and my anxiety had lifted!  

We decided to go out to eat although I wasn’t very hungry.  I was exhausted.  Every part of me, mentally, physically and spiritually was drained.  I had been at war. The only thing I could think of was sleeping!   After dinner, my brother suggested we go to the community center at his apartment complex.  “All of the students that are attending the Mix will be there. Do you want to go?”  I told him, “Sure, we can stop in and say hello and then lets go back to your apartment so I can crash.”   

Now remember, this trip was a spiritual trip. This was a destiny altering trip. Something was going to take place.  Deep down in my soul I knew something was going to happen, but what could it be?   

We arrived at the community center at the apartment complex.  I walked in to see a whole bunch of people that were around my age.  My brother is a leader in the Master’s Commission program so I hear, “Hey Matthew!”

He began to introduce me to everyone.  I moved around the room, checking out the people that were there, saying hello to all of my brother’s friends. I enjoyed meeting everyone, and it was inspiring to see so many called by God to be there!   Finally my brother asked me if I was ready to go.   

I was so incredibly tired and ready to sleep; so I nodded and said, “Yes, let’s go!” As we were leaving, Matthew said, “Zach, did you see that hispanic girl over in the corner? That’s Jim Bakker’s daughter!”

Well I had noticed her.  The interesting thing was I still knew nothing about Jim Bakker.  I hadn’t googled him and didn’t know he had kids my age. I knew he was an older man, “Surely he couldn’t have kids my age!”  I thought, “Oh my gosh. is this part of why you called me here God? Did she have something to tell me?  Is she a part of this path?”  

You have to understand that this kind of coincidence or sign doesn’t happen very often.  God had put the word Media in my heart. My brother who was in Master’s Commission had shared with me about a media school that was hopefully going to be established in a couple of years, run by a man named Jim Bakker.  My brother asked me to come to Dallas so that I could attend an introductory weekend that was all about Masters Commission called The Mix.  I knew that God wanted me to be there.  How could I have imagined that I would come into contact with a connection directly to Jim Bakker and my Media Calling! The ministry that Jim Bakker wanted to begin in Media was why I had come! Now here were his daughters Lori Bakker and Claire Bakker within feet of me!  So, I invited Lori, Claire and some friends to go to lunch with me and my brother the next day. I was excited to see what this meeting would bring!

We  went to this very cool taco place with motorcycles hanging from the ceiling in Dallas.   Lori and Claire were sitting across from me. Everyone was laughing and talking and getting to know each other. Finally something prompted me to ask say,  “Lori, what is your Dad’s ministry like? What’s it look like?”

She said,  “Well, we do television kind of inside of…well, it’s kind of like a city inside of a building.  And that is where we film the TV show.   As soon as she answered me,  I got a complete vision inside of my head.  I stopped her.  “So it’s like a city inside of  a building?  And there is sort of a main street going through the building? And do you film at the end of the street?”  She was surprised and said.. “YES, How did you know that?”  I continued on,   “Are there light posts going down this street?  And people can watch from their balconies?”  She said, “Yes, so you’ve seen it!!”  

I had never seen it before.  I had never seen anything.  

After an incredible weekend and returning home, I remember going to my room to my computer and I typed in Morningside, Jim Bakker and then videos.  I found footage where Pastor Jim was telling people that they really needed to get into the Word of God!  

You have to understand that when I am witnessing to someone or just talking about Jesus, this was my motto, it was what I lived by!  I always say, “Listen guys, just get into the Word!  If you don’t know where to get into the Word just start with the gospels.  Get the Words of Jesus inside of your heart!  Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John!  Just read them over and over again!”

As I watched Jim Bakker on this video he was saying the same thing.  “If you don’t know where to start, start in the Gospels!  Read, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John!  Get Jesus’s Words inside of you.  And when you are done with those read them again, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John!”  

As I was watching him speak he made mention of the facility and the camera made a pan shot and showed Morningside. As the cameras panned around main street, I once again started to cry because the Holy Spirit had shown me EXACTLY what Morningside looked like while sitting in that taco place in Dallas, Texas.   

He had given me a vision of Morningside!

While in Dallas, Lori Bakker had suggested that I come and volunteer for the big the 4th of July celebration they were having at Morningside.  It was a 7 hour drive from Decatur, IL to Blue Eye, MO and so my brother-in-law and I came to volunteer for that long holiday weekend. During that time, I found out that the school would be opening for Media students that upcoming Fall instead of a year away!  I knew that was where the Holy Spirit had called me to be.  I know because he straight out told me.

“You are supposed to be a part of this pioneer class at Jim Bakker’s school called Masters Media.”  

The Holy Spirit continued me on this journey to Morningside.  God has not left me and has not forsaken me.  He has guided every step, even when I struggled with what He was asking of me.  

When Autumn arrived, I packed to leave my home and head towards Morningside and God’s call on my life. In a volume of books that I could spend years writing I could not tell you all of the experiences that have happened and all that I have learned since arriving at this place.  But through my blog, I will be able to share with you a few of my most amazing stories.  

So many people wonder what God is calling them to do.. My answer is this: God WILL tell you.  Trust the Holy Spirit and you WILL know. Have faith in HIS love for you and when you understand his path for you. Get on it!  Stay on it!  NEVER GIVE UP!  

I found my journey and it is far from over!  You begin your journey the moment you ask.  

Love, Zach  

6 thoughts on “Visions of Morningside – The Journey to Morningside

  1. I just returned from my own personal visit to Morningside. I too was struck with awe (still am) of the amazing work being done there in so many areas. So much emotion I felt, I was no stranger to tears. Just… WOW! Stay strong in Jesus my brother.

  2. Zach, I just watched the new news program on Roku with Sasha and the other young man and I was so impressed by how professional and respectful you all were of each other. No one butted in, you all shared and it was so plain and easy to understand. God has really brought you a long way and we all are benefiting from it. I can honestly say your program was better than any other news program I have watched, including NBC, CBS, Fox or ABC. Jim and Lori must be so proud of you young people and blessed to know they don’t have to carry the whole load, their labor has not been in vain. Thank you all for your service to the Lord and those of us who watch you daily. Be blessed, Claudia

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